"Sandy's Baskets"
Quality handcrafted baskets for any occasion
detailed craftsmanship & American made
6 x 10 Regular Basket
Price $35.00
Travel Basket
Price $50.00
Bonnet Basket
Price $55.00
Bread Basket
Price $30.00
Fruit Basket
Price $30.00
Pie Basket
Price $40.00
Market Basket
Price $50.00
Plastic Bag Basket - $30.00
Sewing Basket - $25.00
Wine Basket- $30.00

Valerie with Baskets
Bio: After many years of making baskets in her basketroom and in the classroom, Sandy has attained a style all her own. A full day is devoted to the construction of a basket, not counting material shopping or reed dyeing. Each basket is tightly woven and strong enough to hold the items it is designed to carry.

Sandy is available for custom basketmaking or teaching. Send her an email: