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My Musings


Adventure, Tidings, Verse
musings from a illogical mind

December in New York City


How powerful and enviable is hu-man?
Able to divert a snowflake with a breath
Able to build a tower to the sky
in a vain attempt to assuage himself
Tries to improve the blueprint of life
at the cost of compromising his soul
Wisdom asks, "Who suffers?"

How comfortable and comforting is hu-man?
Able to collect the wings of a butterfly
Able to tame the savagest beast
then slaughter it for food or fashion
Uses the easier road to insight and knowledge
at the price of a few dead animals
Wisdom states, "Please care!"

How tender and affectionate is hu-man?
Able to toss a coin at a beggar
Able to embrace every nation for trade and commerce
while turning a blind eye to the bonds of oppression
Deeply cares for the unborn fetus
forgetting the chains of poverty and squalor
Wisdom accepts nature

How accomplished and cultured is hu-man?
Able to wear a cummerbund and a smile
Able to reach and grab and swindle for coins
with the goal of lasting wealth for self and family
Influenced by rank and connection
arrogant to assistant and servant
Wisdom wonders, "Where's the love?"

How aware and mindful is hu-man?
Able to contemplate the future
Able to make the hard choice of reaping the rewards now
and allowing the next generation to pay for it
Willing to protect the giant sequoia
while desiccating the rest of the forest
Wisdom wonders, "Who's next?"

How clean and pure is hu-man?
Able to shower in five minutes
Able to the clean the river but pollute the sea
Disregards the habitat of fellow beings
to placate the beast in himself
Wisdom remembers the notion of steward

How robust and stimulating is hu-man?
Able to massage himself into seconds of ecstasy
Able to degrade the weakest and forget the deed believing
in survival of the fittest when it comes to decadence
Combines craving with covetousness producing
polished excuses to cover unpolished behavior
Wisdom wonders, "How young?'

How predictably unpredictable is hu-man?
Able to stutterstep around an enigma
Able to solve the riddle of the chicken or the egg
by decapitating one and frying the other
Sees the mystery of the heavens as a maze
With a finite end and many named objects
Wisdom believes in the fantastic


The Maine Event - Summer 2008

You might think there's a second chance
Knock at my door and expect a laugh
Forty odd years and a photograph
Every moment is its own last dance

Cap May Christmas

Summer 2007

Look to this day
For it is life, the very life of life.
In its brief course lie all the
Realities of your existence.
The bliss of growth,
The glory of action,
The splendor of beauty.
For yesterday is only a dream
And tomorrow is only a vision.
But today well lived,
Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness,
Every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well therefore to this day.

-Ancient Indian poem translated from Sanskrit and sent to be by my friend

Amish Buggy

God made a little gentian -
It tried - to be a rose -
And failed - and all the summer laughed -
But just before the snows
There came a purple creature -
That ravished all the Hill -
And summer hid her forehead -
And mockery - was still -
The frosts were her condition -
The Tyrian would not come
Until the North - invoked it -
Creator - shall I - bloom?

                             -Emily Dickinson

Summer 2006

A Kiss

A kiss is the same as a sigh
A sigh is a longing to be more

More fulfillment
More action
More substance
More heartache

A symbol bound to doing
An expression tied to care
A yearning beyond moving
This is why we dare

A twist, a lie, a kiss, a sigh
Allow for this and do not die

Amish Country, PA - Late July 2006

"To arrive at what now you do not enjoy you must go where you do not enjoy. To reach what you do not know you must go where you do not know. To come into possession of what you do not have you must go where now you have nothing."
-St. John of the Cross

Knoebels Amusement Park - Mid June 2006

I been to the country
the wild, wild country
I been to the country
and I saw me a cowboy
I saw me a cowgirl
they saw me and then
I fly away

A West Coast Reverie - Early May 2006

Sunset at 8000 Feet


On a winter's day
In the month of May
All my dreams will come true
On a winter's day
In the month of May
It will never happen to you

A Striking Sunset


She read my letter
I should have known better
to write of regret
she's walking away

I want to go back
to the moment she read that
my love was a candle
then maybe she'd stay

My Good Dog Valerie - March 2006

Into The Dippered Night
The planet is twinkling out -
Fading, fading slowly evaporating into the dippered night
Gleamed so -
Earlier eve
When life star began its departure

Barely perceptible
Sliver of time
Diminish altering
Orbit of eve's greatest light but
Moon than sister orb hides her face
Northly angle rising view
Encounter bold studs arranged as a ladle

Darkness now surrounds
Chilling, cloaking what hours earlier seemed bright
Ah, but the heavens -
Revealed to the nth degree in the dippered night

The Gates - February 2005
A grand, warm winters days perfect for a stroll through Central Park, NYC. Contrast, color, conversation Ė thatís what itís all about.

Fancy Random

Feeling cheated, scared, let down
Sacred beliefs violated
Youth's joys dissipated
Aged wisdom past

Cheap plain impersonal trinkets clutter my way
Random unconnected cruel circumstance obfuscates once clear plans
Replaced by unanswered questions and quixotic thoughts
Who shares my weariness, this arbitrariness punctures credo

Stand against gravity -
The weight eventually destroys you

Head held high against sirocco -
Soon covered by sand

Challenge Leviathan -
Sleep in Davy Jones's locker

Face Vulcan -
Ashes dust and nothing more

Red lights drive discourtesy, monkey in a tree