"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for June 20, 2006

THEME: Phantasmania
The Rogers Sisters - Fantasies Are Nice - 3:11 from 2004's Three Fingers
Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy - 5:33 from 1969's Best of Traffic
Supertramp - From Now On - 6:21 from 1977's Even in the Quietest Moments...
Liz Phair - Fantasize - 1:57 from 1998's whitechocolatespaceegg
Rob Wasserman - Fantasy Is Reality/Bells of Madness with Sam Phillips & Brian Wilson - 4:09 from 1994's Trios
Jefferson Airplane - Plastic Fantastic Lover - 3:55 from 1969's Bless Its Pointed Little Head
The Kinks - Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy - 3:44 from 1978's Misfits

After graduating from College, Chris Isaak immeadiatly formed a rockabilly band playing sweetly moody retro-pop and hasn't looked back. However, he didn't become a successful recording artist until the summer of 1990 when his wicked games was all over the airwaves. Born in California in 1956, he also starred in a cable TV show and had several small parts in major motion pictures. Isaak released nine studio albums and had just come out with a complilation CD.

Don't Make Me Dream About You - 3:30 from 1989's Heart Shaped World
Go Walking Down There - 2:50 from 1995's Forever Blue
Can't Do a Thing (To Stop Me) - 3:37 from 2006's Best of Chris Isaak
Let Me Down Easy - 4:08 from 2002's Always Got Tonight
There She Goes - 3:14 from 1995's Forever Blue
Somebody's Crying - 2:47 from 2006's Best of Chris Isaak
San Francisco Days - 2:59 from 2006's Best of Chris Isaak

Yo La Tengo - Fancy - 2:45 from 2002's This Is Where I Belong: The Songs of Ray Davies & The Kinks
Richard Thompson - Backlash Love Affair - 4:49 from 1991's Rumor And Sigh
The Sadies - With a Splash - 4:04 from 1999's Pure Diamond Gold
The Jayhawks - The Man Who Loved Life - 5:00 from 1997's Sound of Lies
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lodi - 3:09 from 1976's Chronicle, Vol. 1
The Mekons - Empire of the Senseless - 4:37 from 1989's The Mekons Rock 'N' Roll
Matthew Sweet - Thought I Knew You - 2:57 from 1991's Girlfriend

Sam Phillips - The Fan Dance - 3:46 from 2001's Fan Dance
Martha Berner - Fantastic Ordinary - 3:29 from 2005's This Side of Yesterday
Renaissance - A Trip to the Fair - 10:54 from 1975's Scheherazade & Other Stories
Shawn Colvin - One Cool Remove (Greg Brown) - 3:19 from 1994's Cover Girl

Squeeze - Cool for Cats - 3:41 from 1979's Cool for Cats