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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for September 5, 2006

THEME: Mostly Seventies
Cat Stevens - How Can I Tell You - 4:27 from 1971's Teaser and the Firecat
John Lennon - Oh Yoko! - 4:19 from 1971's Imagine
Jethro Tull - Love Story - 3:02 from 1972's Living in the Past
David Bowie - Sorrow (Bob Feldman/Jerry Goldstein/Richard Gottehrer) - 2:55 from 1973's Pin Ups
Don McLean - Vincent - 4:03 from 1971's American Pie
David Bromberg - Last Song for Shelby Jean - 3:50 from 1971's David Bromberg
The Brunettes - Loopy Loopy Love - 2:45 from 2004's Mars Loves Venus
Elvis Costello - Alison - 3:21 from 1977's My Aim Is True

Guitarist for the James Gang, a successful solo career and lead guitarist for The Eagles on their final two long player records proclaims Joe Walsh a rock star. He ran for president in the 1980 election but sadly lost. He attended Kent State in the 60's that fueled his political ambitions. He still tours and occasionally releases new material.

Book Ends - 2:45 from 1973's The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get
Falling Down - 4:56 from 1975's So What
In The City - 3:46 from 1979's The Long Run (an Eagles release)
At the Station - 5:08 from 1978's But Seriously Folks
Meadows - 4:35 from 1973's The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get
Theme from Boat Weirdos - 4:42 from 1978's But Seriously Folks
Life of Illusion - 3:30 1981's There Goes the Neighborhood

Steve Miller - Kow Kow - 4:28 from 1969's Brave New World
Ry Cooder - Boomer's Story (Traditional) - 4:13 from 1972's Boomer's Story
Eric Clapton - Watch Out for Lucy - 3:26 from 1978's Backless
Stephen Fearing - Anything You Want - 3:45 from 1998's Industrial Lullaby
John Prine - A Good Time - 3:30 from 1973's Sweet Revenge
Eric Anderson - You Can't Relive the Past w/Lou Reed - 4:06 from 2000's You Can't Relive The Past
Bob Dylan - Buckets of Rain - 3:29 from 1974's Blood on the Tracks

Marianne Faithfull - Guilt - 5:10 from 1979's Broken English
Patti Smith - Redondo Beach - 3:26 from 1975's Horses
Jane Siberry - The Sky Is So Blue - 4:10 from 1981's Jane Siberry
Laura Nyro - Save the Country - 2:29 from 1969's New York Tendaberry
Carole King - I Feel the Earth Move - 2:58 from 1971's Tapestry

Jackson Browne - Redneck Friend - 3:56 from 1973's For Everymant
Joni Mitchell - Raised on Robbery - 3:05 from 1974's Court and Spark