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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for September 26, 2006

THEME: Who's The Man
Loudon Wainwright III - The Man Who Couldn't Cry - 6:16 from 1973's Attempted Moustache
Led Zeppelin - Over The Hills And Far Away - 4:50 from 1973's Houses Of The Holy
Nirvana - The Man Who Sold the World (David Bowie) - 3:47 from 2003's Nirvana
XTC - I'm the Man Who Murdered Love - 3:44 from 2000's Wasp Star (Apple Venus, Pt. 2)
XTC - The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul - 3:25 from 1986's Skylarking
Wilco - I'm the Man Who Loves You - 3:57 from 2002's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

In 1979 out of Ithaca, New York The Horseflies made a national splash. Parts of traditional folk and bluegrass along with elements off jazz and punk can be heard in their wandering music. Listen to fiddler Judy Hyman and guitarist John Claus play flawlessly with banjo player Richie Stearns. This music was very contagious. They released four studio albums in ten years.

Jenny on the Railroad - 2:58 from 1987's Human Fly
Sally Ann - 4:18 from 1991's Gravity Dance
Hush Little Baby - 4:42 from 1987's Human Fly
Time Is Burning - 4:12 from 1991's Gravity Dance
Who Throwed Lye on my Dog - 5:48 from 1987's Human Fly
Roadkill - 4:29 from 1991's Gravity Dance
Life is a Rubber Rope - 5:03 from 1991's Sampler

Belle & Sebastian - The Boy With the Arab Strap - 5:14 from 1998's The Boy With the Arab Strap
The Divine Comedy - The Dogs and the Horses - 5:14 from 1996's Casanova
Eels - Going to Your Funeral, Pt. 1 - 2:39 from 1998's Electro-Shock Blues
The Mountain Goats - Linda Blair Was Born Innocent - 2:46 from 2004's We Shall All Be Healed
Ed's Redeeming Qualities - I'm Not Eating, I'm Not Anything - 4:28 from 1990's More Bad Times
10CC - I'm Mandy, Fly Me - 5:23 from 1976's How Dare You?

Elisa Korenne - Andy the Lightbulb Eater - 2:48 from 2005's Favorite
Rasputina (Melora Creager) - Momma Was an Opium-Smoker - 2:11 from 2005's A Radical Recital
Ann Klein - The Girl With the Prozac Smile - 4:55 from 1999's For the Love of Love
[NF]Tristan Kromer - Mary, The General & The Reaper - 4:40 from 2004's When I Grow Up
Throwing Muses - Firepile - 3:11 from 1992's Red Heaven

Cowboy Junkies - If You Were the Woman and I Was the Man w/ John Prine - 3:16 from 1992's Black Eyed Man
Jayhawks - The Man Who Loved Life - 5:00 from 1997's Sound of Lies
Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around - 4:26 from 2004's American IV: The Man Comes Around