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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for December 5, 2006

THEME: Red's a Christmas Color
Harry Chapin - Flowers Are Red - 4:28 from 1978's Living Room Suite
Doors - Peace Frog - 2:50 from 1970's Morrison Hotel
Grateful Dead - Easy Wind - 4:57 from 1970's Workingman's Dead
Sheryl Paige - Red Hat - 5:27 from 2004's Selling Out The Moon
Maia Sharp - Red Dress (Kim Richey/Maia Sharp) - 4:02 from 2005's Fine Upstanding Citizen
Darryl Purpose - Red (Dave Carter) - 3:15 from 2005's Live at Coalesce
Clara Thomas - The Girl With the Strawberry Lips - 4:26 from 1998's Clara Thomas

FEATURED ARTIST: Tom Waits, Part 1
Tom Waits has a new, strange, fantastic three disk CD out entitled Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards. All of this week's selections are from this CD. This album was supposed to be a collection of outtakes, rarities, soundtrack tunes, and compilation-only cuts. It morphed into 30 brand new songs, reworks of previous released material and several great cover tunes. This collection of rag tag, boisterous yet mellow music needs to be heard to appreciate the vast talent of Tom Waits.

Lucinda - 4:52
You Can Never Hold Back Spring - 2:26
Missing My Son - 3:38
Road to Peace - 7:17
Danny Says (Ramones) - 3:05
Heigh Ho (Frank Churchill/Larry Morey) - 3:32
Rains on Me - 3:20

Devendra Banhart - The Good Red Road - 2:04 from 2004's Nino Rojo
Joanna Newsom - Emily - 12:08 from 2006's Ys
Al Stewart - Roads to Moscow - 8:00 from 1974's Past, Present and Future
Jarvis Cocker - A Drop of Nelson's Blood - 7:10 from 2006's Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, & Chanteys

Carina Round - Into My Blood - 3:54 from 2004's The Disconnection
Heather Nova - Ruby Red - 4:05 from 1998's Siren
The Waifs - Flesh and Blood - 4:00 from 2003's Up All Night
Grey DeLisle - The Bloody Bucket - 3:56 from 2005's Iron Flowers

Supertramp - Bloody Well Right - 4:31 from 1974's Crime of the Century
Ben Kweller - Red Eye - 4:20 from 2006's Ben Kweller