WMUH Radio
"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for December 19, 2006

THEME: Christmas Show
Local H - Disgruntled X-mas - 2:55 from 1993's Island Radio Holiday Sampler
The Loud Family - It Just Wouldn't Be Christmas - 4:38 from 1994's The Tape of Only Linda
Ed's Redeeming Qualities - Christmas in Vermont - 3:12 from 1991's It's All Good News
K.C. Cary - White Trash Holiday - 3:39 from 1997's There's A Moon Over The Trailer, Tonight
Freedy Johnston - Moving on a Holiday - 2:54 from 1999's Blue Days Black Nights
Jim White - Christmas Day - 7:16 from 2001's No Such Place
Big Star - Jesus Christ - 2:38 from 2003's Big Star Story

Beginning as a folk artist in the mid-60's Joni Mitchell released some of the most intriguing and beautiful songs ever. In her later career she experimented with jazz and world music to create intricate and lovely sounds. Her influence can be heard in many major recording stars today. An uncompromising and highly creative individual, Joni Mitchell lived by a creed that encouraged excellence.

Chelsea Morning - 2:30 from 1969's Clouds
Conversation - 4:21 from 1970's Ladies of the Canyon
All I Want - 3:32 from 1971's Blue
Woman of Heart and Mind - 2:36 from 1972's For the Roses
Raised on Robbery - 3:05 from 1974's Court and Spark
You Turn Me on I'm a Radio - 3:55 from 1974's Miles of Aisles
In France They Kiss on Main Street - 3:17 from 1975's The Hissing of Summer Lawns
River - 4:00 from 1971's Blue

Papas Fritas - Holiday - 2:47 from 1995's Papas Fritas
Erin McKeown - Delicate December w/Peter Mulvey - 3:06 from 2005's We Will Become Like Birds
Matt Pond PA - Holiday Road (Lindsey Buckingham) - 3:38 from 2005's Winter Songs
Jane Siberry - Are You Burning Little Candle? - 5:28 from 1995's Winter, Fire & Snow
Steve Earle - Nothing But A Child - 4:27 from 1988's Copperhead Road
Chris Smither - Coventry Carol (Traditional) - 3:18 from 1996's Holiday EP
Bruce Cockburn - Cry Of A Tiny Babe - 7:34 from 1991's Nothing But a Burning Light


Heather Nova - Blue Black - 4:36 from 1994's Oyster
Leona Naess - Christmas - 3:43 from 2003's Leona Naess
Lisa Germano - Messages from Sophia There's More Kitties in the World Than Just Miamo - 3:50 from 1996's Excerpts From a Love Circus
Jolie Holland - December, 1999 - 3:36 from 2003's Catalpa
Catie Curtis - Walk Along the Highway - 3:45 from 2001's My Shirt Looks Good on You

Mogwai - Christmas Song - 3:24 from 1999's Mogwai EP + 2
Jeff Buckley - Corpus Christi Carol (Benjamin Britten) - 2:56 from 1994's Grace