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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for December 26, 2006

THEME: So Long Last Year
Devendra Banhart - Chinese Children - 5:17 from 2005's Cripple Crow
Leonard Cohen - Last Year's Man - 5:57 from 1975's The Best of Leonard Cohen
Mary Gauthier - It Ain't the Wind, It's the Rain - 4:02 from 2005's Mercy Now
The Divine Comedy - Middle-Class Heroes - 5:26 from 1996's Casanova
Mick Harvey - The River (Tim Buckley) - 3:08 from 2005's One Man's Treasure
The Boy Least Likely To - I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to Your Star - 4:18 from 2005's The Best Party Ever

My pick for best album of 2005 was These Things Take Time by The Brunettes - New Zealand pop at its finest. Heather Mansfield and Jonathan Bree are the band. The arrangements are clever and fun. The music is contagious. I can't wait for more.

Mars Loves Venus - 2:24 from 2005's These Things Take Time
Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks - 4:06 from 2002's Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks
Too Big for Gidget - 3:16 from 2005's These Things Take Time
Maybe White Palisades - 3:05 from 2003's Boyracer EP
You Beautiful Militant - 4:10 from 2005's These Things Take Time
The Record Store - 2:59 from 2005's These Things Take Time
These Things Take Time - 2:48 from 2005's These Things Take Time
Bestfriend Envy - 3:09 from 2005's These Things Take Time
No Regrets - 2:09 from 2005's These Things Take Time
Leonard Says - 2:15 from 2005's These Things Take Time

Eric Anderson - Bold Marauder w/Maura Kennedy (Richard Farina) - 4:24 from 2005's Waves
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - God's Hotel - 3:08 from 2005's B-Sides & Rarities
Vic Chesnutt - Little Caesar - 4:00 from 2005's Ghetto Bells
Eels - Hey Man (Now You're Really Living) - 3:02 from 2005's Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
The Mountain Goats - Love Love Love - 2:48 from 2005's The Sunset Tree
Iron & Wine with Calexico - A History of Lovers - 3:09 from 2005's In the Reins EP
Calla - Play Dead - 3:33 from 2005's Copperhead Road
The Kills - The Good Ones - 3:29 from 2005's No Wow


Hailey Wojcik - Orange Peels - 4:20 from 2005's Jealous Sees
Coralie Clement - Avec Ou Sans Moi - 2:09 from 2005's Bye Bye Beaute
Francoiz Breut - Motus - 3:11 from 1998's Francoiz Breut
Ariane Moffatt - Le Matin en Patins - 1:48 from 2005's Putumayo Presents: French Playground
Imogen Heap - Goodnight and Go - 3:52 from 2005's Speak for Yourself

Jeff Buckley - New Year's Prayer - 4:40 from 1998's Sketches For My Sweetheart the Drunk
Dan Fogelberg - Same Old Lang Syne - 5:21 from 1981's The Innocent Age

Loudon Wainwright III - White Winos - 2:59 from 2001's Last Man On Earth
Eels - All of 2006's With Strings: Live at Town Hall
Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) - I Think I See the Light - 5:34, Heaven/Where True Love Goes - 4:49, Maybe There's a World - 3:06, One Day at a Time - 4:54 from 2006's An Other Cup
Loudon Wainwright III - Last Man On Earth - 5:01 from 2001's Last Man On Earth