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Playlist for January 2, 2007

THEME: Picks of '06: A count down of my top 25 best albums released last year. WMUH received thousands of new releases in 2006. I listened to over 200 of these CD's. Every week I hand selected a few more albums to add to my review list from the hype they received or from personal recognition. The abbreviated featured artist segment of this show is my choice for best release last year.

25) T-Bone Burnett - Baby Don't You Say You Love Me - 4:08 from 2006's The True False Identity
24) Cat Power - Could We - 2:21 from 2006's The Greatest
23) Coach Said Not To - One Warm Summer - 2:31 from 2006's Mini Series
22) Rachael Cantu - My First War - 4:07 from 2006's Run All Night
21) The Avett Brothers - Backwards with Time - 2:38 from 2006's The Gleam
20) The Wailin' Jennys - The Devil's Paintbrush Road - 3:47 from 2006's Firecracker
19) Tom Waits - 2:19 - 5:02 from 2006's Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards
18) Tilly and the Wall - Rainbows in the Dark - 4:19 from 2006's Bottoms of Barrels
17) Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins - The Charging Sky - 2:56 from 2006's Rabbit Fur Coat
16) Brazilian Girls - Never Met a German - 2:35 from 2006's Talk to La Bomb
15) Nina Nastasia - Dumb I Am - 2:02 from 2006's On Leaving

The New England singer/songwriter with the instantly recognizable smoky voice released the album of the year in 2006 'Till the Sun Turns Black'. Every song on this CD is worthy of radio time. The mid-thirties performer came to the music industry late in life. His style is folk, Americana, pop but he's definitely in a league of his own with the songs he writes and sings. He probably has an even better album in him yet.

Empty - 5:17 from 2006's Till the Sun Turns Black
Three More Days - 3:36 from 2006's Till the Sun Turns Black
Within You - 5:43 from 2006's Till the Sun Turns Black

14) Bob Dylan - The Levee's Gonna Break - 5:43 from 2006's Modern Times
13) Nellie McKay - There You Are in Me - 2:46 from 2006's Pretty Little Head
12) Micah P. Hinson - She Don't Own Me - 5:40 from 2006's Micah P. Hinson and the Opera Circuit
11) Amy Millan - Baby I (Kenny Whiteley) - 3:28 from 2006's Honey from the Tombs
10) Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Strange Form of Life - 3:46 from 2006's The Letting Go
9) Regina Spektor - Fidelity - 3:47 from 2006's Begin to Hope
8) Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) - In the End - 4:02 from 2006's An Other Cup
7) Blair Combest - Lovely - 3:05 from 2006's Blair Combest
6) The Mountain Goats - Woke Up New - 2:56 from 2006's Get Lonely

5) Cake on Cake - Sparrow Parade - 2:58 from 2006's I Guess I Was Daydreaming
{This CD is a gem. Helena Sundin from Sweden sings some of the greatest pop tunes of the year.}

4) Johnny Cash - Like the 309 - 4:35 from 2006's American V: A Hundred Highways
{Just before the master died he recorded songs dealing with his final days. Like the 309 is probably the last song Johnny Cash ever wrote.}

3) Eels - I Like Birds - 2:29 from 2006's With Strings: Live at Town Hall
{This live album is thrilling. Mark Oliver Everett reinterprets his songs to mesmerizing effect.}

2) Joanna Newsom - Cosmia - 7:17 from 2006's Ys
{WOW! Joanna plays harp and sings like an angel.}

1) Ray LaMontagne - You Can Bring Me Flowers - 4:12 from 2006's Till the Sun Turns Black