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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for February 27, 2007

THEME: Head Case
10CC - Head Room - 4:24 from 1976's How Dare You?
They Might Be Giants - Till My Head Falls Off - 2:53 from 1996's Factory Showroom
The Gourds - Right in the Head - 2:31 from 2002's Cow Fish Fowl or Pig
The Arrogant Worms - Johnny Came Home Headless - 2:57 from 1999's Dirt!
Stringmansassy - Headless - 3:32 from 2006's Putumayo Presents: Music from the Wine Lands
Sixteen Horsepower - Horse Head Fiddle (Traditional) - 4:50 from 2002's Folklores
The Wrens - Rest Your Head - 3:24 from 1996's Secaucus
Belle & Sebastian - We Are the Sleepyheads - 3:33 from 2006's The Life Pursuit
Dave Mason - Headkeeper - 3:35 from 1973's It's Like You Never Left

A classically trained pianist from Essex England, Imogen Heap established herself as a solo artist then joined Frou Frou. Alternative pop-rock, Euro-pop and electronica are her main focus. She only released two albums to date but she contributed to many orignal songs not found on her CDs to movie soundtracks, TV shows and compliation disks.

Headlock - 3:36 from 2005's Speak for Yourself
Candlelight - 4:39 from 1998's I Megaphone
Speeding Cars - 3:32 from 2006's Goodnight and Go EP
Goodnight and Go - 3:52 from 2005's Speak for Yourself
Shine - 4:40 from 1998's I Megaphone
Can't Take It In - 4:44 from 2005's The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

The Go-Betweens - Head Full of Steam - 3:38 from 2004's Sampler
Adrian Belew - Fish Head - 4:31 from 1991's Desire of the Rhino King
Lisa Germano - Small Heads - 4:01 from 1996's Excerpts From a Love Circus
Presidents of the United States of America - Lump - 2:14 from 1995's Presidents of the United States of America
Bright Eyes - I Woke Up With This Song in My Head This Morning (Alex McManus) - 4:17 from 2004's Lua
Kristin Hersh - Shake - 2:33 from 1998's Strange Angels
The Velvet Underground - Head Held High - 2:52 from 1970's Loaded
Argent - Hold Your Head Up - 6:17 from 1972's All Together Now

Lucinda Williams - Wrap My Head Around That - 9:06 from 2007's West
Aimee Mann - I Can't Get My Head Around It - 3:37 from 2005's The Forgotten Arm
Amy Millan - Headsfull - 1:51 from 2006's Honey from the Tombs

Cat Stevens - Boy With a Moon & Star on His Head - 5:55 from 1972's Catch Bull at Four
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Mercy Seat [Acoustic Version] - 3:46 from 2005's B-Sides & Rarities