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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for May 8, 2007

THEME: Hodge Podge Garbage
Lou Reed - I Can't Stand It - 2:36 from 1972's Lou Reed
Matt Pond PA - From Debris - 4:31 from 2005's Several Arrows Later
10cc - Flying Junk - 4:14 from 1975's The Original Soundtrack
The Gourds - Hooky Junk - 4:43 from 2006's Heavy Ornamentals
Bonnie Raitt - Trinkets (Emory Joseph) - 4:59 from 2005's Souls Alike
John Wesley Harding - The Triumph of Trash - 3:01 from 1996's New Deal
Frank Zappa - Cheepnis - 4:22 from 1974's Zappa/Mothers Roxy & Elsewhere

Only 34 when he died in 2003, Elliott Smith was thrust into fame after recording Miss Misery, an Oscar nominated song in 1998. He worked in relative obscurity with a group from Seattle called Heatmiser before going solo. Whether fingerpicking his acoustic guitar or banging out notes on his electric guitar, Smith's soft, sad voice and his fixation on the '60s pop sound gave him a large cult following. In his lifetime he released six studio albums. I'll concentrate on the new Elliott Smith album released last week called New Moon, which features songs from '93 to '97 that were remixed or never on an album.

High Times - 3:11 from 2007's New Moon
Angeles - 2:56 from 1997's Either/Or
A Passing Feeling - 3:32 from 2004's From a Basement on the Hill
All Cleaned Out - 2:57 from 2007's New Moon
Everything Reminds Me of Her - 2:37 from 2000's Figure 8
Placeholder - 2:30 from 2007's New Moon
A Fond Farewell - 3:58 from 2004's From a Basement on the Hill
Speed Trials - 3:01 from 1997's Either/Or
Miss Misery - 2:56 from 2007's New Moon

Belle & Sebastian - A Century of Fakers - 4:30 from 1996's 3.. 6.. 9 Seconds of Light EP
Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire - Fake Palindromes - 2:52 from 2005's The Mysterious Production of Eggs
The Divine Comedy - A Woman of the World - 4:12 from 1996's Casanova
Mates of State - Fraud in the '80s - 4:22 from 2006's Bring It Back
Grinderman - No Pussy Blues - 4:20 from 2007's Grinderman
The Waitresses - Pussy Strut - 4:12 from 1996's Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?
Gavin Friday - Mr. Pussy - 3:40 from 1996's Shag Tobacco

Suzanne Vega - No Cheap Thrill - 3:09 from 1996's Nine Objects of Desire
Kristin Hersh - White Trash Moon - 4:29 from 1999's Sky Motel
Nicole McKenna - Junk (Paul McCartney) - 3:15 from 2003's Stay Awhile
Jane Siberry - False False Fly (Traditional) - 3:11 from 2000's Hush
Jolie Holland - Adieu False Heart (Traditional) - 2:36 from 2006's Springtime Can Kill You

Patti Smith - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) - 6:31 from 2007's Twelve
Feist - I Feel It All - 3:39 from 2007's The Reminder