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Playlist for June 19, 2007

THEME: Long Songs Opening
Renaissance - Trip to the Fair - 10:54 from 1975's Scheherazade & Other Stories
The Polyphonic Spree - When the Fool Becomes a King - 10:39 from 2004's Together We're Heavy
Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing - 10:54 from 1984's Dire Straits Live

Quite successful in Canada before breaking into the American market in 1996, Sloan's version of pop/rock features two guitarist, Patrick Pentland and Jay Ferguson, a bass player, Chris Murphy and a drummer, Andrew Scott. They contribute songs individually and as a whole to each release, which totals eight as of January of this year.

Who Taught You To Live Like That? - 3:02 from 2007's Never Hear the End of It
The Rest of My Life - 2:46 from 2003's Action Pact
The Life Of A Working Girl - 3:47 from 2001's Pretty Together
I Can Feel It w/Jennifer Pierce - 3:29 from 1994's Twice Removed
The Lines You Amend - 2:32 from 1996's One Chord to Another
Chester the Molester - 3:14 from 1998's Navy Bluest
Listen To The Radio - 3:09 from 2007's Never Hear the End of It
I Love A Long Goodbye - 3:09 from 2001's Pretty Together

Umphrey's McGee - Divisions - 10:02 from 2007's The Bottom Half
Devendra Banhart - Long Haired Child - 3:45 from 2005's Cripple Crow
Jana Hunter - Oracle - 2:25 from 2007's There's No Home
Espers - Widow's Weed - 6:51 from 2006's II
Pentagle - Springtime Promises - 4:07 from 1969's Basket of Light

Girl In A Coma - Simple Man - 6:32 from 2007's Both Before I'm Gone
Noush Skangen - Skid - 5:58 from 2007's Palomino EP
Joanna Newsom - Colleen - 6:41 from 2007's Joanna Newsom And the Ys Street Band EP

T. Rex - Girl - 2:29 from 1971's Electric Warrior
Alela Diane - Oh! My Mama - 3:14 from 2006's The Pirate's Gospel