WMUH Radio
"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for September 25, 2007

THEME: Who's Demons Are They, Anyway?
Lou Reed - Street Hassle - 3:20 from 1978's Street Hassle
Victoria Williams w/Dave Pirner - Nature's Way (Randy California) - 2:26 from 1994's Loose
David Bromberg - Demon in Disguise - 5:05 from 1972's Demon in Disguise
Tori Sparks - Trouble - 4:06 from 2004's Rivers + Roads
Casey Neill w/John Wesley Harding - Once Upon a When (Daniel Littleton) - 4:39 from 2007's Brooklyn Bridge
Zen For Primates - Alcohol (Ray Davies) - 2:56 from 1999's Blessed are the Sheep Herders
Steely Dan - Any Major Dude Will Tell You - 3:05 from 1974's Pretzel Logic

FEATURED ARTIST: Lesser Birds of Paradise
Chicago's rock quintet, Lesser Birds of Paradise, features singer/songwriter Mark Janka as the clear focus. Their sound combines alternative pop and indie rock with roots music. The employ non-traditional instruments on a few songs like musical saws, ukuleles, and dulcimers adding a curious quirkiness to each recording. They released three CDs and an EP since 2000.

Do You Remember When (We Overthrew the Government?) - 3:50 from 2006's Space Between
Josephine - 3:26 from 2004's String of Bees
She's Got a Set of Wings - 3:06 from 2002's It Isn't the Fall EP
The Devil's Rope - 5:59 from 2006's Space Between
If You Wanted - 4:06 from 2002's It Isn't the Fall EP
A Magnet in You - 3:03 from 2004's String of Bees
Take the Leaves - 3:52 from 2006's Space Between

Patrick Park - Here We Are - 3:09 from 2007's Everyone's in Everyone
M. Ward - Hi-Fi - 4:14 from 2005's Transistor Radio
Leonard Cohen - Closing Time - 5:59 from 1992's The Future
Eels - Mr. E's Beautiful Blues - 3:58 from 2000's Daisies of the Galaxy
Dan Bern - King of the World - 2:48 from 1997's Dan Bern
Simon & Garfunkel - Blessed - 3:13 from 1966's Sounds of Silence
Richard Thompson - King of Bohemia - 3:42 from 1994's Mirror Blue

Maria Muldaur & Bonnie Raitt - It's A Blessing (Traditional) - 3:50 from 2005's Blues Guitar Women
Heather Nova - Blessed - 2:37 from 1993's Blow
Cannonball Jane - Bossa Tug - 2:49 from 2007's Knees Up! EP
Solex - Good Comerades Go to Heaven - 3:39 from 2001's Low Kick and Hard Bop
The Pierces - Boring - 3:28 from 2007's Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge

Jethro Tull - Inside - 3:46 from 1970's Benefit
Steve Earle - Satellite Radio - 4:09 from 2007's Washington Square Serenade