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Playlist for November 27, 2007
Guest Host: CDO - Thanks for coming in

THEME: Say Hey
Orba Squara - My Favorite Song - 4:00 from 2007's Sunshyness
Eels - Hey Man (Now You're Really Living) - 3:02 from 2005's Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
Papas Fritas - Hey Hey You Say - 3:14 from 1997's Helioself
They Might Be Giants - The Guitar - 4:12 from 1992's The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) EP
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Hey Tonight - 2:41 from 1970's Pendulum

Born December 21, 1940; Died December 4, 1993 - Zappa was the quintessential avant-garde, iconoclastic, irreverent songwriter of his day. And, he played a mean guitar, too. You could say he foreshadowed both art rock and punk at the same time in his early days then sashayed into the jazz-rock genre. Zappa was perhaps the most prolific record-maker of his time as well, turning out massive amounts of music.

Po-Jama People - 7:39 from 1975's One Size Fits All
I'm the Slime - 3:34 from 1973's Over-Nite Sensation
Sharleena - 4:04 from 1970's Chunga's Revenge
Theme from the 3rd Movement of Sinister Footwear - 3:34 from 1981's You Are What You Is
Montana - 6:35 from 1973's Over-Nite Sensation

The Blakes - Don't Bother Me - 2:50 from 2007's The Blake
His Name Is Alive - Up Your Legs Forever - 3:45 from 1998's Ft. Lake
Steely Dan - Pearl Of The Quarter - 3:55 from 1973's Countdown to Ecstasy
Brave Combo - Human - 4:05 from 2000's The Process
Biirdie - Estelle - 5:53 from 2007's Catherine Avenue
John Lennon - Ya Ya (Dorsey/Levy/Lewis/Robinson) - 1:05 from 1974's Walls and Bridges

Bre Loughlin - My Guitar - 2:54 from 2007's Modern American Photo Album
Deborah Holland - The Violin Song - 3:23 from 2006's Bad Girl Once
PJ Harvey - The Piano - 2:36 from 2007's White Chalk
Joni Mitchell - Chelsea Morning - 2:30 from 1969's Clouds

Everlounge - Little Grass Shack/Five O'Clock Whistle - 2:23 from 1999's Nice Set of Maracas
Prints - I Wanna Know - 5:19 from 2007's Prints