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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for December 11, 2007

THEME: Any Wish
Cat Stevens - Sitting - 3:11 from 1972's Catch Bull at Four
His Name Is Alive - Wish I Had a Wishing Ring - 6:06 from 1998's Ft. Lake
Uncle Moon - Uta Hagen - 3:42 from 2006's Homestyle
Pretenders - Message of Love - 3:26 from 1981's Pretenders II
Bob Mould - Wishing Well - 5:13 from 1989's Workbook
Billy Bragg - A New England - 2:14 from 1987's Back to Basics
R.E.M. - Stand - 3:10 from 1988's Green

Formed in Los Angeles in 1998, Rilo Kiley sounds like an alternative country folk band following independent pop rules. In other words, a fresh fun sound from a quartet that has a lot to offer. Jenny Lewis' vocals are lighter than clouds and her lyrics are bittersweet while Blake Sennett's melodies are downright catchy and filled with hooks. They released four albums in their brief existence with progressively more emphasis upon the female lead vocals.

Go Ahead - 3:34 from 2001's Take Offs and Landings
Dreamworld - 4:45 from 2007's Under the Blacklight
It's A Hit - 4:30 from 2004's More Adventurous
With Arms Outstretched - 3:43 from 2002's The Execution of All Things
Plane Crash in C - 5:12 from 2001's Take Offs and Landings
A Man/Me/Then Jim - 5:24 from 2004's More Adventurous

Patrick Park - Here We Are - 3:09 from 2007's Everyone's in Everyone
New Pornographers - Myriad Harbour - 4:00 from 2007's Challengers
Cass Mccombs - Windfall - 4:48 from 2007's Dropping the Writ
David Jacobs-Strain - Poor Boy/Nobody's Fault (Traditional) - 8:29 from 2002's Stuck on the Way Back
Paul Rishell & Annie Raines - Mama Talk to Your Daughter (J.B. Lenior) - 2:42 from 1996's I Want You to Know
Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry - I Want Some Of Your Pie - 2:46 from 2003's The Story of the Blues

Elana James - Twenty-Four Hours a Day - 3:18 from 2007's Elana James
Nellie McKay - Beecharmer w/Cyndi Lauper - 4:02 from 2006's Pretty Little Head
Cake On Cake - Getting The Girl - 2:34 from 2006's Sun-Chairs EP
New Buffalo - Versary - 3:10 from 2007's Somewhere, Anywhere
Joni Mitchell - River - 4:00 from 1971's Blue

Semisonic - F.N.T - 3:29 from 1996's Great Divide
Pentangle - The Cuckoo (Traditional) - 4:28 from 1969's Basket Of Lights