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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for March 11, 2008

THEME: Crowing
Jane Gillman - Tell The Rooster - 3:11 from 1990's Jane Gillman
Ollabelle - See Line Woman (George Bass/Nina Simone) - 2:51 from 2006's Riverside Battle Songs
Jolie Holland - Black Hand Blues (Hattie Hudson) - 2:55 from 2003's Catalpa
Iron & Wine - The Rooster Moans - 3:24 from 2002's The Creek Drank the Cradle
Sam Cooke - Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon/Chester Arthur Burnett) - 2:53 from 1963's Night Beat
Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire - Cock O' the Walk - 2:55 from 1998's Thrills
Page France - Rooster and Its Crow - 3:17 from 2007's Page France and the Family Telephone
Pine Hill Haints - Cuckoo Bird (Traditional) - 2:18 from 2007's Ghost Dance
The Waifs - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright (Dylan) - 3:52 from 2005's A Brief History...

FEATURED ARTIST: Kate & Anna McGarrigle
French/Canadian singer/songwriting sisters Kate & Anna McGarrigle surround themselves with excellent musicians for every recording session leading to mostly enjoyable and interesting CDs. Their hippie folk/bluegrass style drips with heartfelt emotion and remarkable vocalizations. The McGarrigle's have released a baker's dozen of albums since 1975.

Heartbeats Accelerating - 3:40 from 1990's Heartbeats Accelerating
Goin' Back To Harlan - 4:59 from 1996's Matapedia
Green Green Rocky Road w/Emmylou Harris (Traditional) - 3:54 from 1998's The McGarrigle Hour
Complainte Pour Ste Catherine - 2:47 from 1980's French Record
The Work Song - 3:49 from 1983's Love Over and Over
DJ Serenade - 4:13 from 1990's Heartbeats Accelerating
Move Over Moon - 3:11 from 1983's Love Over and Over

Jim White - Crash Into The Sun - 4:30 from 2008's Transnormal Skiperoo
Lou Reed - Waves Of Fear - 4:13 from 1982's The Blue Mask
Leonard cohen - Everybody Knows - 5:39 from 1988's I'm Your Man
Over The Rhine - Don't Wait for Tom - 4:19 from 2007's The Trumpet Child
Akron/Family - Running, Returning - 4:33 from 2005's Akron/Family
The Gourds - County Orange - 2:31 from 1999's Ghosts of Hallelujah
Avett Brothers - Gimmeakiss - 2:13 from 2006's Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions

Angela McCluskey of the Wild Colonials - Love Is Stronger Than Death - 4:06 from 2004's The Things We Do
Polly Jean Harvey & John Parish - Taut - 3:15 from 1996's Dance Hall At Louse Point
Plastiscines - Shake (Twist Around The Fire) - 1:58 from 2007's LP1
Regina Spektor - Field Below - 5:18 from 2006's Begin to Hope
Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum - Old Dan Tucker - 2:33 from 2004's Guest House

Eels - Bus Stop Boxer - 3:45 from 2001's Souljacker
The Apples in Stereo - The Bird That You Can't See - 3:56 from 2000's The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone