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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for April 15, 2008

THEME: You Lost It
John Lennon - What You Got - 3:10 from 1974's Walls and Bridges
The Cranberries - Empty - 3:26 from 1994's No Need to Argue
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - Stealin' (Traditional)- 3:31 from 1996's Shady Grove
Nellie McKay - Identity Theft - 3:27 from 2007's Obligatory Villagers
Daniel Johnston - I Lose - 3:14 from 2001's Rejected Unknown
The Lesser Birds Of Paradise - You Snooze, You Lose - 3:11 from 2004's String Of Bees
Death by Chocolate - If You Want to Sing Out Sing Out (Cat Stevens) - 2:42 from 2001's Death by Chocolate
Baker - Identity Theft - 2:50 from 2008's Bike Ride

Raised in Iowa by a guitar playing mother while listening to mostly gospel music, Greg Brown found his style in the Midwestern coffeehouses and clubs. The sensitive singer/songwriter with a warm baritone is essentially an old-fashioned folkie offering insights and reflections on everyday life. He has released an album every year or two since 1980.

If I Had Known - 3:25 from 1990's Down in There
Pound It on Down - 4:54 from 2006's The Evening Call
Two Little Feet - 4:50 from 1996's Further In
Let Me Be Your Gigolo - 4:00 from 2002's Milk of the Moon
Canned Goods - 4:10 from 1988's One More Goodnight Kiss
The Poet Game - 6:50 from 2004's In the Hills of California
Good Morning Coffee - 3:02 from 1985's In the Dark with You

Mars Arizona - Dirty Town w/David Grisman - 4:08 from 2008's Hello, Cruel World
Cat Power - Good Woman - 3:58 from 2003's You Are Free
Josh Ritter - Good Man - 4:09 from 2006's The Animal Years
10cc - The Things We Do for Love - 4:23 from 1977's Live and Let Live
Little Feat - One Love Stand - 4:26 from 1975's The Last Record Album
Nick Cave - Midnight Man - 5:06 from 2008's Dig, Lazarus Dig!!!

Rainer Maria - Half Past April - 4:21 from 1997's Past Worn Searching
The Breeders - Cannonball - 3:33 from 1993's Last Splash
Be Your Own Pet - The Kelly Affair - 2:31 from 2008's Get Awkward
Juliana Hatfield - Cool Rock Boy - 4:00 from 2000's Beautiful Creature
PJ Harvey - O Stella - 2:30 from 1992's Dry

Billy Bragg - I Almost Killed You - 2:38 from 2008's Mr. Love and Justice
Freedy Johnston - Bad Reputation - 4:10 from 1994's This Perfect World