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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for May 27, 2008

THEME: Spectacle
The Band - Stage Fright - 4:25 from 1978's The Last Waltz
The Felice Brothers - Greatest Show On Earth - 5:30 from 2008's The Felice Brothers
Kirsty MacColl - Big Boy on a Saturday Night - 3:58 from 1993's Titanic Days
Neutral Milk Hotel - Two-Headed Boy - 4:26 from 1998's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
The New Pornograpers - All the Old Showstoppers - 4:08 from 2007's Challengers
The Divine Comedy - Johnny Mathis' Feet (Mark Eitzel) - 3:28 from 1996's Casanova
Crosby & Nash - Spotlight - 2:51 from 1976's Whistling Down the Wire

Guitar wizard Leo Kottke has been everything from a session player to a traveling troubadour to a singer songwriter, fingerpicking his way to cult status along the way. He blends traditional folk, bluegrass, blues and classical into his own brand of inventive virtuosity. There's no mistaking the versatile Leo Kottke sound. The Minneapolis resident has released scores of albums since his debut in 1969.

Hear the Wind Howl - 3:11 from 1973's My Feet Are Smiling
Eight Miles High (Gene Clark/David Crosby/Roger McGuinn) - 3:39 from 1971's Mudlark
Busy Signal - 3:52 from 1988's Regards From Chuck Pink
Why Can't You Fix My Car - 2:27 from 1989's My Father's Face
Tiny Island (Al Gaylor) - 3:46 from 1972's Greenhouse
Little Martha (Duane Allman) - 2:37 from 1986's A Shout Toward Noon
A Low Thud - 3:08 from 1978's Burnt Lips
I'll Break Out Again Tonight (A.L. Owens/Sanger Shafer) - 3:26 from 1983's Time Step

Nik Freitas - Oh My God - 3:10 from 2008's Sun Down
Josh Ritter - Monster Ballads - 4:05 from 2006's The Animal Years
Bert Jansch - Katie Cruel (Traditional) w/Beth Orton & Devendra Banhart - 2:59 from 2006's The Black Swan
Townes Van Zandt - Katie Belle Blue - 3:18 1995's No Deeper Blue
Camren Von Davis - Cactus Lizard - 3:22 from 2007's Bobby Barbados
Phranc - Gertrude Stein - 2:40 from 1991's Positively Phranc
The Modern Lovers - Pablo Picasso - 4:21 from 1976's The Modern Lovers
Rilo Kiley - It's A Hit - 4:28 from 2004's More Adventurous

Lykke Li - Little Bit - 4:41 from 2008's Little Bit EP
Cake On Cake - Getting the Girl - 2:34 from 2006's Sun-Chairs EP
Ann Klein - (I Wanna) Do Ya - 4:14 from 1997's Driving You Insane
k.d. lang - Constant Craving - 4:37 from 1992's Ingenue
Luthea Salom - Dragonfly - 3:20 from 2008's Sunbeam Surrounded By Winter

Cream - N.S.U. - 2:47 from 1966's Fresh Cream
Kinks - You Can't Stop the Music - 3:12 from 1975's The Kinks Present a Soap Opera