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Playlist for August 5, 2008

THEME: Songs About Jane
Steely Dan - Janie Runaway - 4:09 from 2000's Two Against Nature
Neville Brothers - Little Liza Jane - 3:59 from 2003's Live in New Orleans
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Crow Jane - 4:13 from 1996's Murder Ballads
PJ Harvey - Me-Jane - 2:42 from 1993's Rid of Me
Marissa Nadler - Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen) - 4:23 from 2007's Song 3: Bird on the Water
Peter Mulvey - Two Janes (David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) - 3:45 from 2002's Ten Thousand Mornings
The Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane - 3:55 from 1970's Loaded

FEATURED ARTIST: 16 Horsepower
Emerging out of Denver in 1992, 16 Horsepower gained instant acclaim with their rustic sound. Leader and multi-instumentalist David Eugene Edwards writes ominous tunes with a frantic drive that gives the music a hypnotic alternative country/rock sound. Edwards voice also has an eerie moan that further adds to the emotional instensity. 16 Horsepower is a group worthy of repeated listenings to any of their five studio releases.

Brimstone Rock - 4:28 from 1998's Low Estate
Clogger - 3:28 from 2000's Secret South
Heel On The Shovel - 2:43 from 2002's Olden
Sac Of Religion - 3:00 from 2002's Olden
South Pennsylvania Waltz - 5:15 from 1995's 16 Horsepower
American Wheeze - 3:40 from 1996's Sackcloth 'n' Ashes
Outlaw Song - 4:29 from 2002's Folklore
I Gotta Gal - 2:04 from 1995's 16 Horsepower

Son Ambulance - Horizons - 2:52 from 2008's Someone Else's Deja Vu
Bright Eyes - Middleman - 4:49 from 2004's Cassadaga
Neva Dinova - Yellow Datsun - 2:08 from 2005's The Hate Yourself Change
Tilly and the Wall - I Always Knew - 3:10 from 2004's Wild Like Children
The Blakes - Lint Walk - 2:50 from 2008's The Blakes
Dire Straits - So Far Away - 5:12 from 1985's Brothers in Armss
Two Gallants - The Hand That Held Me Down - 5:32 from 2007's Two Gallants

Regina Spektor - Lady - 4:45 from 2006's Begin to Hope
Maria Muldaur - Richland Woman Blues (Mississippi John Hurt) - 4:34 from 2001's Richland Woman Blues
Deborah Coleman - Bending Like A Willow Tree (Lowell Fulson) - 3:51 from 2001's Livin' On Love
Cassandra Wilson - Slow Down (J.B. Lenoir) - 2:21 from 2003's Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: The Soul of a Man
Rory Block - Bo Weavil Blues (Charlie Patton) - 3:46 from 1998's Confessions of a Blues Singer

John Wesley Dickson - Good To Be Alive - 3:26 from 2008's Later on Down the Line
Beck - I'm So Glad (Skip James) - 3:36 from 2003's Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: The Soul of a Man