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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for August 12, 2008

THEME: Melons Plus
Big Mama Thornton - Watermelon Man - 4:07 from 2005's Sassy Mama
Greg Brown - Mighty Sweet Watermelon - 3:44 from 2006's The Evening Call
Xiu Xiu - The Pineapple Vs. The Watermelon - 3:28 from 2006's The Air Force
Buffalo Tom - Tangerine - 2:42 from 1995's Sleepy Eyed
Tori Amos - Martha's Foolish Ginger - 4:22 from 2005's The Beekeeper
The Gourds - Ants on the Melon (With Due Regards to Virginia Adair) - 3:40 from 2002's Cow Fish Fowl or Pig
John Prine & Mac Wiseman - Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine (Tom T. Hall) - 4:36 from 2007's Standard Songs for Average People

The San Francisco formed Two Gallants have only been performing together since 2002 but already they garner great acclaim and large crowds. Adam Stephens writes razor sharp lyrics that weave unforgettable stories while Tyson Vogel drives the melodies forward with his fierce drumming. Their music swirls around folk and the blues with an occasional flair of harder rock. It's an experience you can hear often by listening to their three CD's and several EPs.

Nothing To You - 4:29 from 2004's The Throes
Start at 1:08 Las Cruces Jail - 5:46 from 2006's What the Toll Tells
All Your Faithless Loyalties - 5:12 from 2007's The Scenery of Farewell EP
Despite What You've Been Told - 4:29 from 2007's Two Gallants
Age Of Assassins - 8:01 from 2006's What the Toll Tells
Fail Hard To Regain - 3:12 from 2004's The Throes

Setting Sun - Morning Song - 3:41 from 2008's Children of the Wild
Go-Betweens - Love Goes On! - 3:20 from 1988's 16 Lovers Lane
Prefab Sprout - Hey Manhattan! - 4:46 from 1988's From Langley Park to Memphis
Jarvis Cocker - Black Magic - 4:21 from 2007's Jarvis
The Fence Bells - The Rock and Roll Girls - 4:21 from 2006's All Around This Town
Jamie Barnes - Hell's Adopted Mile - 3:47 from 2006's The Recalibrated Heart
Lee Hazelwood - I'll Live Yesterdays - 2:50 from 1971's Requiem for an Almost Lady

Jessica Lea Mayfield - We've Never Lied - 2:49 from 2008's With Blasphemy So Heartfelt
Erin McKeown - Blackbirds - 4:25 from 2000's Distillation
Jolie Holland - Poor Girl - 5:26 from 2004's Escondida
Po' Girl - Abilene (Lester Brown/Bob Gibson/John D. Loudermilk) - 3:39 from 2003's Po' Girl
Grey DeLisle - Big Yellow Peaches - 2:50 from 2004's Anchored in Love: A Tribute to June Carter Cash

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Phantasies - 2:40 from 2001's Stephen Malkmus
Stephen Malkmus & The Million Dollar Bashers - Maggie's Farm (Bob Dylan) - 5:27 from 2007's I'm Not There Soundtrack