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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for August 19, 2008

THEME: Mixed Vocal Duets
The Moldy Peaches (Adam Green & Kimya Dawson) - Anyone Else But You - 3:00 from 2001's The Moldy Peaches
John Doe - Ready w/Kristin Hersh - 2:59 from 2005's Forever Hasn't Happened Yet
Jamie Byrd - String of Pearls w/Steve Fisher - 4:01 from 2005's Garden of Days
Bert Jansch - Watch the Stars w/Beth Orton (Traditional) - 2:54 from 2006's The Black Swan
Rhett Miller - Fireflies w/Rachel Yamagata - 4:07 from 2006's The Believer
Steve Earle - Comin' Around w/Emmylou Harris - 3:43 from 2004's The Revolution Starts Now
Tom Russell - Ash Wednesday w/Gretchen Peters - 3:40 from 2006's Love & Fear
Sara Hamilton - Ain't No Use Tryin' To Tell On Me w/DB Harris (Memphis Minnie) - 2:50 from 2005's Call My Name

Matthew Ward shaped his persona by shadowing the troubadours of the early to mid-twentieth century then adding a decidedly modern twist. He writes songs deeply rooted in the classic traditions of American country-folk. Ward is more or less a one-man band with nothing but a beat-up guitar and a croaky voice. His West Coast roots melodies can be heard live often in many different venues. Since 1999, M. Ward has released five excellent and highly enjoyable full length CDs.

To Go Home w/Neko Case (Daniel Johnston) - 3:51 from 2006's Post-War
Big Boat w/Jenny Lewis - 2:45 from 2005's Transistor Radio
Color of Water - 3:23 from 2001's End of Amnesia
Poison Cup - 2:40 from 2006's Post-War
Silverline - 2:20 from 2001's End of Amnesia
Hi-Fi - 4:14 from 2005's Transistor Radio
Carolina - 4:19 from 2001's End of Amnesia
Requiem - 2:48 from 2006's Post-War

Randy Newman - A Piece Of The Pie - 2:42 from 2008's Harps And Angels
Larry Garner - Do Your Personal Thing - 4:39 from 1998's Standing Room Only
Langhorne Slim - Checking Out - 2:48 from 2005's When the Sun's Gone Down
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - Gone Home (Bill Carlisle) - 4:41 from 1987's Almost Acoustic
The Cardigans - Sick and Tired - 3:23 from 1995's Life
Setting Sun - Carry Me Away - 3:08 from 2008's Children of the Wild
Jimmy Hall - Poor Old Me (Bill Blackburn/Donnie Fritts/Eddie Hinton) - 4:25 from 2007's Build Your Own Fire

Samantha Crain - Traipsing Through the Aisles - 4:23 from 2008's The Confiscation EP
Cindy Woolf - You Done Me Wrong (George Jones/Ray Price) - 2:38 from 2005's Simple and Few
The Waifs - Haircut - 4:23 from 2005's A Brief History...
Alathea - Morning Birds - 3:10 from 2007's My Roots Go Deeper
Uncle Earl - The Last Goodbye - 3:42 from 2007's Waterloo, Tennessee

Harry Chapin - Poor Damned Fool - 4:36 from 1978's Living Room Suite
Ida - For Shame Of Doing Wrong (Richard Thompson) - 3:16 from 2008's Lovers Prayers