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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for August 26, 2008

THEME: More Mixed Vocal Duets
Bob Dylan - Mozambique w/Emmylou Harris - 3:00 from 1976's Desire
Aimee Mann - Two of Us w/Michael Penn (Lennon/McCartney) - 3:30 from 2002's I Am Sam Soundtrack
Chumbawamba - (Words Flew) Right Around The World - 2:15 from 2008's The Boy Bands Have Won
James Taylor & Alison Krauss - How's The World Treating You (The Louvin Brothers) - 3:18 from 2003's Livin', Lovin', Losin'
Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum - Bad Seed (Liz Meyer) - 2:24 from 2004's Guest House
Iris Dement - Trouble w/Delbert McClinton - 7:32 from 1996's The Way I Should
Lyle Lovett - What Do You Do? w/Francine Reed - 2:57 from 1999's Live in Texas

FEATURED ARTIST: Michelle Shocked
Karen Michelle Johnston was born in Dallas, Texas and raised by a strict Mormon mother who put her in a mental institute after she came home from a political demonstration in San Francisco during the Democratic National Convention in 1984. Shell shocked by U.S. corporations giving campaign contributions to both Democratic and Republican parties to garner favor with whoever was elected, she changed her name to Michelle Shocked. She spent several years exploring the folk underground in the USA and Europe putting her knowledge to good use in the rootsy style of pop folk/rock blues she writes and sings. Michelle Shocked has released twelve CDs in the past 22 years.

Used Car Lot - 4:20 from 2005's Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Little Billie - 4:36 from 2002's Deep Natural
If Love Was a Train - 4:07 from 1988's Short Sharp Shocked
(Don't You Mess Around With) My Little Sister - 2:03 from 1986's Texas Campfire Takes
Draughts of Dublin - 5:27 from 2002's Dub Natural
Strawberry Jam (live) - 4:08 from 2003's Short Sharp Shocked [Expanded]
Secret to a Long Life w/Levon Helm and Garth Hudson - 3:50 from 1991's Arkansas Traveler

John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey - Rope Bridge Crossing - 5:10 from 1996's Dance Hall At Louse Point
The Band - Move Me - 2:57 from 2005's A Musical History
Keren Ann - Midi Dans Le Salon De La Duchesse - 2:53 from 2005's Nolita
White Williams - I Want Candy (Bow Wow Wow) - 4:31 from 2007's Smoke
John McCutcheon - The Other Side - 4:02 from 2007's This Fire-Politics, Love, And Other Small Miracles
The Knitters - Rank Stranger (Albert E. Brumley) - 4:12 from 2005's The Modern Sounds of the Knitters
Steely Dan - Barrytown - 3:17 from 1974's Pretzel Logic

Laura Marling - The Captain And The Hourglass - 3:09 from 2008's Alas, I Cannot Swim
(Amy Ann) Duffy - Mercy - 3:40 from 2008's Rockferry
Adele (Adkins) - Daydreamer - 3:40 from 2008's 19
Kate Nash - Skeleton Song - 5:07 from 2008's Made Of Bricks
Lily Allen - Smile - 3:17 from 2007's Alright, Still

Kinks - Sitting in the Midday Sun - 3:47 from 1973's Preservation: Act 1
Donavon Frankenreiter - Pass It Around - 4:53 from 2008's Pass It Around