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Playlist for September 23, 2008

THEME: So Long Summer
Kinks - Misfits - 4:43 from 1978's Misfits
The White Stripes - We're Going to Be Friends - 2:24 from 2001's White Blood Cells
My Morning Jacket - Golden - 4:39 from 2003's It Still Moves
Black Box Recorder - Seasons in the Sun (Jacques Brel) - 2:40 from 1998's England Made Me
The Flaming Lips - My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion - 4:51 from 2006's At War with the Mystics
The Billionaires - The End Of Summer Song - 3:19 from 2008's Really Real For Forever
XTC - Season Cycle - 3:21 from 1986's Skylarking

As the darker half of Indigo Girls, Amy Ray embellishes the folk-rock sound with a punkish edge. She launched a solo career at the dawn of the new millennium. Never afraid to offer songs political in nature, Amy Ray now ups the ante with more expressive, opinionated lyrics. With the release of Didn't It Feel Kinder, she now has three studio CDs under her belt.

Out On The Farm - 4:39 from 2008's Didn't It Feel Kinder
Driver Education - 2:21 from 2005's Prom
Johnny Rottentail - 2:00 from 2001's Stag
Bus Bus - 2:55 from 2008's Didn't It Feel Kinder
Put It Out For Good - 3:50 from 2005's Prom
Lucystoners - 3:56 from 2001's Stag
She's Got To Be - 5:25 from 2008's Didn't It Feel Kinder
Let It Ring - 3:11 from 2005's Prom

Marching Band - Make No Plans - 4:06 from 2008's Spark Large
Jens Lekman - A Sweet Summer's Night On Hammer Hill - 3:27 from 2005's Oh You're So Silent Jens
Obi Best - Swedish Boy - 3:39 from 2008's Capades
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Henry Lee w/PJ Harvey (Traditional) - 3:56 from 1996's Murder Ballads
Jolie Holland - Love Henry (Traditional) - 5:07 from 2008's The Living And The Dead
Steve Goldberg - Summer's Ending - 4:28 from 2007's Steve Goldberg And The Arch Enemies

Tracy Shedd - So Sick - 3:24 from 2008's Cigarettes & Smoke Machines
Kirsty MacColl - Last Day of Summer - 4:22 from 1993's Titanic Days
Noush Skaugen - Beautifulize - 3:15 from 2008's Lost And Found
Heather Nova - Truth And Bone - 4:54 from 1994's Oyster
Luthea Salom - Nobody's Ready - 3:32 from 2008's Sunbeam Surrounded By Winter

Old War Shirt - Someone - 3:11 from 2008's Nighttime Songs Under The Stars Of San Raphel
Belle & Sebastian - A Summer Wasting - 2:06 from 1998's The Boy With the Arab Strap