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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for September 30, 2008

THEME: Fifth Tuesday in September
Norah Jones - Shoot the Moon - 3:56 from 2002's Come Away With Me
Lou Reed - September Song - 7:51 from 1997's September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill
The Divine Comedy - The Summerhouse - 4:16 from 1994's Promenade
David Bromberg - Buck Dancer's Choice - 1:56 from 2007's Try Me One More Time
Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends - 4:45 from 2004's American Idiot
Steely Dan - My Old School - 4:46 from 1976's Countdown to Ecstasy

Over the years, Canadian born singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn wrote an abundant assortment of outstanding tunes. It's too bad that he's nothing more than a cult figure to the average music listener. His jazz influenced folk-rock leanings often explode lyrically into political rage and strikingly prescient observations. Bruce Cockburn released 29 albums since his emergence in 1970.

Open w/Sarah Harmer - 4:03 from 2003's You've Never Seen Everything
Wondering Where the Lions Are - 5:18 from 1990's Live
Sunrise On The Mississippi - 3:01 from 1994's Dart To The Heart
Lovers in a Dangerous Time - 4:06 from 1984's Stealing Fire
If a Tree Falls - 5:43 from 1989's Big Circumstance
A Dream Like Mine w/Sam Phillips - 3:54 from 1991's Nothing But a Burning Light

Mates of State - For the Actor - 4:33 from 2006's Bring It Back
The Polyphonic Spree - Hold Me Now - 4:57 from 2004's Together We're Heavy
Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy (Bo Diddley/Mel London/Muddy Waters) - 5:23 from 1977's Hard Again
Left Lane Cruiser - Pork N' Beans - 2:54 from 2008's Bring Yo' Ass To The Table
Black Keys - I Got Mine - 3:59 from 2008's Attack & Release
The Blazers - Going Up The Country (Alan Wilson) - 3:14 from 1995's East Side South

Amanda Palmer - Runs In The Family - 2:59 from 2008's Who Killed Amanda Palmer?
Brazilian Girls - Good Time - 3:48 from 2008's New York City
Leslie Feist - When I Was a Young Girl (Traditional) - 3:08 from 2004's Deeper Waters
Amanda Marshall - Shades Of Grey - 5:01 from 1996's Tuesdays Child
Joan Osborne - Ladder - 4:11 from 1995's Relish

Michael Johnathon - Young And Alone - 4:39 from 2008's Walden: The Earth Song Collection
Chris Isaak - I Want You To Want Me (Rick Nielsen) - 3:21 from 2006's Best of Chris Isaak