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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for November 11, 2008

THEME: Kick It Up
Mamas & Papas - Dancing in the Street (Marvin Gaye/Ivy Hunter/Bill Stevenson) - 3:48 from 1970's 16 Of Their Greatest Hits
T. Rex - Mambo Sun - 3:38 from 1971's Electric Warrior
Cannonball Jane - Bossa Tug - 2:49 from 2007's Knees Up!
The Gourds - Flamenco Cabaret - 2:33 from 2000's Bolsa de Agua
Jethro Tull - Bouree (Ian Anderson/Johann Sebastian Bach) - 3:43 from 1969's Stand Up
Delbert McClinton - Two Step Too - 3:04 Cost of Living
The Gentle Guest - Darlin' Darla - 4:02 from 2008's We Are Bound To Save Some Souls Tonight
Elvis Costello - (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes - 2:47 from 1977's My Aim Is True

A gifted singer/songwriters from Canada, Ron Sexsmith blends folk and roots music with a pop swirl. Raised in the Niagara Falls area his youthful charm combines with a mature perspective to offer subtle observations and tuneful melodies. Whether working with Mitchell Froom, Steve Earle or Martin Terefe, he always delivers appealing music as confirmed by his ten studio releases.

Don't Ask Why - 3:01 from 2001's Blue Boy
These Days - 3:21 from 2002's Cobblestone Runway
At Different Times - 3:05 from 1997's Other Songs
Secret Heart - 3:16 from 1995's Ron Sexsmith
Nothing Good - 2:54 from 1997's Other Songs
There's A Rhythm - 3:23 from 1995's Ron Sexsmith
Tell Me Again - 2:36 from 2001's Blue Boy
Pretty Little Cemetery - 2:33 from 1997's Other Songs
God Loves Everyone - 3:07 from 2002's Cobblestone Runway

Peter Rowan - Old, Old House (Hal Bynum/George Jones) - 3:16 from 1995's Red Hot Pickers
Jeni & Billy - Sweetness Keen As Pain - 2:58 from 2008's Jewell Ridge Coal
Brewflies - Pretty Little Pink (Traditional) - 2:29 from 2008's On The Fly
The Gordons - Shady Grove (Traditional) - 4:26 from 2008's Our Time
Tim O'Brien - The Wicked Messenger (Bob Dylan) - 2:25 from 1996's Red On Blonde
Bourgeois Gypsies - Unsquare Dance - 3:09 from 2008's Faulty Fairytales
The Duhks - Down to the River - 5:04 from 2006's Migrations
O'Death - Lowtide - 2:27 from 2008's Broken Limbs, Hymns and Skin

The Liz Larsons - Beekeeper - 2:30 from 2008's Talk Like A Male Artist
Tegan & Sara - Not Tonight - 2:34 from 2002's If It Was You
Cake on Cake - Getting the Girl - 2:34 from 2006's Sun-Chairs EP
Meaghan Smith - A Little Love - 2:19 from 2008's The Cricket's Quartet EP
Hearts Of Palm UK - Jonathan FMF - 2:45 from 2008's For Life
Jaymay - You Are The Only One I Love - 4:57 from 2008's Autumn Fallin'

Little Joy - The Next Time Around - 2:34 from 2008's Little Joy
John Lennon - Only People - 3:21 from 1973's Mind Games