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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for December 9, 2008

THEME: Gone Missing
John McCutcheon & Tom Chapin - River Gonna Carry Me - 3:20 from 1997's Doing Our Job
Leon Redbone - Somebody Stole My Gal - 2:02 from 2004's Red To Blue
Kelly Joe Phelps - Train Carried My Girl from Town (Traditional) - 4:25 from 1999's Shine Eyed Mister Zen
Old War Shirt - You Suck But I Miss You Anyway - 4:43 from 2008's Nighttime Songs Under The Stars Of San Raphel
Tapestry - Sunny Mornings - 4:23 from 2007's The Journey
My Brightest Diamond - Dragonfly - 5:24 from 2006's Bring Me The Workhorse
Randy Newman - Sail Away - 2:50 from 1972's Sail Away

As one of today's most prolific songwriters, Ryan Adams uses various musical styles to bring what he has to say to a wider audience. Originally considered a country act, subsequent releases reveal an in depth understanding of American roots music with a folk persuasion, bluegrass and even subtle rock and roll. After his group Whiskeytown's meteoric rise and fall in the mid-90's Ryan Adams began the explosion of issuing a new CD every year beginning in 2000.

Cobwebs - 3:56 from 2008's Cardinology
Down In A Hole (Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains) - 4:37 from 2007's Follow the Lights
Pearls On A String - 2:25 from 2007's Easy Tiger
Beautiful Sorta - 3:01 from 2005's Cold Roses
English Girls Approximately - 5:42 from 2004's Love Is Hell
This Is It - 3:19 from 2003's Rock N Roll
Starting To Hurt - 3:18 from 2002's Demolition
Sweet Black Magic - 2:35 from 2001's Gold (Bonus)

Dark Dark Dark - A Cloud Story - 4:30 from 2008's The Snow Magic
Honeybear - 400 Miles - 2:17 from 2008's The Iris Root
Julia Darling - Wake Up - 2:50 from 2003's Julia Darling
Anathallo - Italo - 3:41 from 2008's Canopy Glow
Shawn Mullins - Lay Down Your Swords, Boys - 6:18 from 2006's 9th Ward Pickin' Parlor
Of Montreal - In The Army Kid - 3:36 from 2000's Horse & Elephant Eatery (no Elephants Allowed)
Mason Jennings - Soldier Boy - 3:44 from 2008's In The Ever

Olga - I Won't Ask - 3:36 from 2006's Now Is The Time
Brenda Kahn - Mint Juleps And Needles - 3:25 from 1992's Epiphany in Brooklyn
Marti Jones - I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass - 4:14 from 1996's My Long-Haired Life
Lenka - The Show - 3:55 from 2008's Lenka
Hearts Of Palm UK - So Long - 3:13 from 2008's For Life

The Pogues - Sayonara - 3:09 from 1990's Hell's Ditch
Kaiser Cheifs - Love's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning) - 3:17 from 2007's Yours Truly, Angry Mob