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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for January 27, 2009

THEME: Feminine Red
Ten Years After - One of These Days - 5:56 from 1971's A Space in Time
The Grateful Dead - Easy Wind - 4:57 from 1970's Workingman's Dead
James McMurtry - Red Dress - 4:59 from 2002's Saint Mary of the Woods
Maia Sharp - Red Dress (Kim Richey/Maia Sharp) - 4:02 from 2005's Fine Upstanding Citizen
Ali Zjana - Red Dressed Love - 2:15 from 2007's Bootlegs
Ray Charles - What'd I Say - 6:28 from 1998's Atlantic Records 50 Years: The Gold Anniversary

Vocalist Karen O, guitarist Nicolas Zinner, and drummer Brian Chase comprise the post punk rock band, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Formed in Ohio at the turn of the millennium, they relocated to New York City to release their first EP in 2001. Their explosive, high octane sound driven by Karen O's scary sexiness keep willing ears alert to snarling vocals, high notes and choppy growls. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have released two full length CDs and many astounding EPs.

Rich - 3:36 from 2003's Fever To Tell
Kiss Kiss - 2:45 from 2007's Is Is EP
Cheated Hearts - 4:00 from 2006's Show Your Bones
Maps - 3:39 from 2003's Fever To Tell
Miles Away - 2:20 from 2001's Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Turn Into - 4:07 from 2006's Show Your Bones
Pin - 2:00 from 2003's Fever To Tell
Our Time - 3:24 from 2001's Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Belle & Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane w/Monica Queen - 5:50 from 1997's Lazy Line Painter Jane EP
Sebadoh - Truly Great Thing - 2:10 from 1991's III
Mojave 3 - Bringin' Me Home - 3:50 from 2000's Excuses for Travellers
Lorna - (I Wish I Knew) How To Build A House - 3:26 from 2008's Writing Down Things To Say
Grant-Lee Phillips - So Much - 3:43 from 2007's Strangelet
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir - I Know A Girl - 3:01 from 2003's I Bet You Say That to All the Boys
Alice Smith - Woodstock - 3:34 from 2007's For Lovers, Dreamers & Me

Lake Street Dive - Thinking Of You, And Such - 3:21 from 2008's Promises, Promises
Po' Girl - Bleak St. - 3:35 from 2003's Po' Girl
Jolie Holland - The Future - 3:48 from 2008's The Living And The Dead
Norah Jones - Sinkin' Soon - 4:38 from 2007's Not Too Late
Adele - Right As Rain - 3:17 from 2008's 19

Dark Dark Dark - Winter Coat - 2:59 from 2008's The Snow Magic
Sufjan Stevens - John Wayne Gacy, Jr. - 3:19 from 2005's Illinoise