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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for February 10, 2009

THEME: Any Ole Joe Will Do
Shawn Mullins - Homeless Joe w/Francine Reed - 2:42 from 2008's Honeydew
Tom Waits - Table Top Joe - 4:14 from 2002's Alice
Doug Kershaw - Cajun Joe (The Bully of the Bayou) - 2:24 from 1970's Spanish Moss
Laurie Lewis & Grant Street - Diamond Joe (Traditional) - 3:36 from 1990's Singin' My Troubles Away
The Fence Bells - Old Joe (Traditional) - 3:17 from 2006's Web Site Download
Ron Sexsmith - Average Joe - 2:18 from 1997's Other Songs
Johnny Cash - Hank and Joe and Me - 2:17 from 1959's Songs of Our Soil
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - I Had a Dream, Joe - 3:42 from 1992's Henry's Dream
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Hey Joe (Billy Roberts) - 3:25 from 1993's The Ultimate Experience

San Francisco's Mates of State are a husband and wife team originally hailing from Kansas. The dual vocal harmonies of Kori Gardner, who also plays keyboards, and Jason Hamel drumming appeals to most music enthusiast. It's a bouncy, sassy alternative rock/pop sound that at time caroms into noodling territory. Mates of State tour extensively and has released five CD's since forming in 2000.

Jigsaw - 3:14 from 2008's Re-Arrange Us
Think Long - 4:45 from 2006's Bring It Back
Whiner's Bio - 2:32 from 2003's Team Boos
Starman (David Bowie) - 3:51 from 2004's All Day EP
Halves And Have-Nots - 1:57 from 2002's Our Constant Concern
Gotta Get A Problem - 2:42 from 2003's Team Boos
Running Out - 6:51 from 2006's Bring It Back

Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes - 4:30 from 2009's Merriweather Post Pavilion
Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma - 3:26 from 2008's The Kids Don't Stand A Chance EP
XTC - King for a Day - 3:37 from 1989's Oranges & Lemons
June Tabor - Bonny May (Traditional) - 4:55 from 1976's Airs and Graces
Steeleye Span - Let Her Go Down - 3:36 from 1980's Sails of Silver
Pentangle - Sally Go Round the Roses (Zell Sanders/Abner Spector) - 3:38 from 1969's Basket of Light
Fairport Convention - The Hexhamshire Lass (Traditional) - 2:31 from 1973's Nine

Patti Ecker - Uncle Joe (Traditional) - 2:52 from 2002's Prairieland
Lucy Kaplansky - My Name Joe (David Massengill) - 5:06 from 1994's The Tide
Kate Campbell - Joe Louis' Furniture - 4:47 from 2003's Monuments
PJ Harvey - Is This Desire? - 3:25 from 1998's Is This Desire?
PJ Harvey - A Perfect Day Elise - 3:06 from 1998's Is This Desire? REQUEST
Brandi Carlile - Josephine - 3:02 from 2007's The Story

Lesser Birds of Paradise - Josephine - 3:26 from 2004's String of Bees
Camper Van Beethoven - Joe Stalin's Cadillac - 2:36 from 2003's Rarities EP