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Playlist for February 17, 2009

THEME: Rounders
Old Crow Medicine Show - Cocaine Habit - 2:42 from 2006's Big Iron World
Paul Rishell & Annie Raines - Low Down Rounder (Peg Leg Howell) - 2:03 from 1996's I Want You to Know
Emmylou Harris - Hello Stranger (A.P. Carter) - 3:59 from 1977's Luxury Liner
David Bromberg - Dehlia (Traditional) - 7:50 from 1971's David Bromberg
Doc Watson - The Train That Carried My Girl from Town (Traditional) - 2:21 from 2006's Classic Railroad Songs
Bob Dylan - Up to Me - 6:18 from 1985's Biograph
Bill Staines - Sweet Wyoming Home - 4:20 from 2007's Old Dogs

Brothers Ron and Russell Mael are Los Angeles natives who formed Sparks in 1970. Quirky, tongue-in-cheek lyrics mostly written by Ron and fine, spastic pop melodies sung by Russell set Sparks apart from all other groups. Generally, they preformed as a duet but on occasion a full five piece band would round out the sound. Sparks released nearly two dozen albums in their almost 40 year career.

Hospitality on Parade - 3:58 from 1975's Indiscreet
(She Got Me) Pregnant - 4:13 from 2009's Exotic Creatures Of The Deep
Here Comes Bob - 2:12 from 1972's A Woofer in Tweeter's Clothing
This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us w/Faith No More - 3:00 from 1999's Plagiarism
Here in Heaven - 2:51 from 1974's Kimono My House
Funny Face - 3:24 from 1981's Whomp That Sucker
Cool Places w/Go-Go's Jane Wiedlin - 3:23 from 1983's In Outer Space
Good Morning - 3:53 from 2009's Exotic Creatures Of The Deep

Now, Now Every Children - We Know Martha Webber - 2:48 from 2009's Cars
Eisley - Go Away - 3:05 from 2007's Combinations
Mates of State - Girls Singing - 3:05 from 2002's Our Constant Concern
Papas Fritas - Hey Hey You Say - 3:14 from 1997's Helioself
Rivers Cuomo - I Was Scared - 2:54 from 2008's Alone II: The Home Recordings
M. Ward - Carolina - 4:19 from 2001's End of Amnesia
Page France - Elephant - 3:03 from 2006's Hello, Dear Wind
Cotton Jones - Up A Tree (Went This Heart I Have) - 3:48 from 2009's Paranoid Cocoon

June Tabor - Valentine's Day Is Over - 3:26 from 1990's Freedom And Rain
Tres Chicas - Red - 2:17 from 2006's Bloom, Red And The Ordinary Girl
Lucinda Williams - Cold, Cold Heartt (Hank Williams) - 5:10 - from 2001's Timeless: Hank Williams Tribute
Laura Veirs - Lonely Angel Dust - 2:38 from 2004's Carbon Glacier
Luthea Salom - Laugh About It - 4:45 from 2001's Out Of Without

Myles Turney - Lose Your Head - 2:58 from 2009's Ordinary Suffering
10cc - Head Room - 4:24 from 1976's How Dare You?