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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for March 24, 2009

THEME: I'm So Glad
The Cars - Good Times Roll - 3:44 from 1978's The Cars
Green Day - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - 2:33 from 1997's Nimrod
Starfucker - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Robert Hazard) - 3:14 from 2009's Buffetlibre Rewind 2
Barenaked Ladies - Brian Wilson - 4:47 from 1992's Gordon
Noah And The Whale - 5 Years Time - 3:36 from 2008's Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down
Setting Sun - Overjoyed - 3:27 from 2008's Children of the Wild
Kate Nash - Merry Happy - 5:27 from 2008's Made Of Bricks

Omaha's four-piece band, Cursive, formed in 1995 out of previous musical partnerships only to break up a few years later after intense touring and two CDs. They reformed in 1999 with a new guitarist and a new concept album. The expressive vocalist in the group, Tim Kasher, is the main idea man while he, Matt Maginn, the bassist and Ted Stevens, the guitarist write the music and drummer Clint Schnase performs the all important time changes. The noise rock/pop band unleashes exuberant sounds and unpredictable instrumentation on all seven of their released albums.

A Gentleman Caller - 3:19 from 2003's The Ugly Organ
I Couldn't Love You - 3:21 from 2009's Mama, I'm Swollen
Into the Fold - 4:16 from 2006's Happy Hollow
Sink to the Beat - 4:13 from 2001's Burst and Bloom
Driftwood: A Fairy Tale - 4:41 from 2003's The Ugly Organ
At Conception - 2:57 from 2006's Happy Hollow
Sierra - 3:25 from 2003's The Ugly Organ

Beck - Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (Bob Dylan) - 3:02 from 2009's War Child Presents Heroes
Willem Maker - Stars Fell On - 4:53 from 2009's New Moon Hand
An Horse - Little Lungs - 5:23 from 2009's Rearrange Beds
Brian Dewan - There Was An Old Woman - 2:51 from 2007's Words Of Wisdom
Robert Bobby - Older Than Old & In The Way - 2:31 from 2007's Today
Whispertown 2000 - 103 - 1:57 from 2008's Swim
Harry Chapin - Old Folkie - 5:00 from 1979's Legends of the Lost & Found

Gillie McPherson - Bedlam Boys (Traditional) - 6:48 from 2006's Our Street
Sinead Lohan - Whatever It Takes... - 3:35 from 1998's No Mermaid
Jenny Jenkins - Sometimes I Sleep With Evil - 3:10 from 2009's Oventoucher
Mirah - Don't Go - 2:17 from 2008's The Old Days Feeling
Jolie Holland - Mad Tom of Bedlam (Traditional) - 2:52 from 2003's Escondida

Son Ambulance - Taxi Cab Driver - 3:16 from 2004's Key
The Pack A.D. - Oh Be Joyful - 4:01 from 2008's Funeral Mixtape