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Playlist for April 21, 2009

THEME: Earth Day Songs - Garden Of Eden
Sparks - Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth - 2:34 from 1999's Plagiarism
Pretenders - My City Was Gone - 5:14 from 1984's Learning to Crawl
Bright Eyes - Cleanse Song - 3:28 from 2007's Cassadaga
John Prine - Paradise - 3:10 from 1971's John Prine
Tom Waits - Earth Died Screaming - 3:38 from 1992's Bone Machine
Tom Paxton - When It's Gone, It's Gone - 2:50 from 1991's It Ain't Easy
Cass Mccombs - What Isn't Nature - 4:48 from 2003's A

Austrailian multi-instrumentalist and surfer Xavier Rudd spreads environmentalist themes through many of his CDs. His folk rock songs are infused with reggae rhythms and have a bluesy impact. He also incorporates the didgeridoo in many of his songs. Xavier Rudd, as a one man band, headlines at many music festivals worldwide. He was even given PETA's "World's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity" award for 2007. There is much to love on his five released studio albums.

The Mother - 3:15 from 2005's Food in the Belly
Edge Of The Moon - 5:11 from 2008's Dark Shades Of Blue
Footprint - 7:04 from 2007's White Moth
Up In Flames - 3:39 from 2008's Dark Shades Of Blue
Connie's Song - 2:14 from 2005's Food in the Belly
Set It Up - 4:08 from 2007's White Moth
Messages - 4:02 from 2005's Food in the Belly

Cat Stevens - Where do the Children Play? - 3:52 from 1970's Tea for the Tillerman
Cheryl Wheeler - The Rivers - 3:38 from 1995's Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar
Michael Johnathon - Henry's Lullaby - 3:22 from 2008's Walden: The Earth Song Collection
June Madrona - Trying To Sleep - 4:55 from 2009's Battle Ground
John Lennon - Cleanup Time - 2:58 from 1980's Double Fantasy
Alice Di Micele - I Won't Say Goodbye - 4:23 from 1990's Too Controversial
Guy Davis - We All Need More Kindness In This World - 3:36 from 2004's Legacy

Patty Larkin - Metal Drums - 4:16 from 1990's In the Square: Live
Gillie McPherson - The Human Race - 3:50 from 2006's Our Street
Ani DiFranco - Animal - 5:36 from 2004's Educated Guess
Eleni Mandell - I Love Planet Earth - 5:09 from 2009's Artificial Fire

Chumbawamba - Words Can Save Us - 1:52 from 2008's The Boy Bands Have Won
Andy Juhl - We Belong To The Earth - 5:55 from 2009's Tales From The Buffalo Blue Stem