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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for May 12, 2009

THEME: Mom Songs
Richard Thompson - Mother Knows Best - 4:59 from 1991's Rumor & Sigh
Mad Agnes - Mommy, Do - 3:31 from 2003's Magic Hour
Ed's Redeeming Qualities - Mom - 4:16 from 1996's At the Fish & Game Club
Liz Phair - Little Digger - 3:35 from 2003's Liz Phair
Nellie McKay - There You Are In Me - 2:49 from 2005's Pretty Little Head
Damien Jurado - Space Age Mom - 2:10 from 1997's Waters Ave S
Deborah Holland - Bad Girl Once - 3:48 from 2006's Bad Girl Once
Cream - Mother's Lament (Traditional) - 1:48 from 1967's Disraeli Gears

Raised near Philadelphia in the mid 70's, Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn had an early brush with fame by appearing on a game show. Her fledgling music career developed while attending college in Olympia, WA. She would sing and play guitar in taverns and at weddings. Mirah writes songs in a folky alternative pop style that fits exceeding well with her enchanting little girl vocals. Nowadays she's mostly on the road touring with Tara Jane O'Neil. Mirah has seven full length CDs on the market.

Country Of The Future - 3:34 from 2009's (A)Spera
Mt. St. Helens - 4:25 from 2001's Advisory Committee
La Familia - 2:53 from 2000's You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This
Lone Star - 2:24 from 2008's The Old Days Feeling
Credo Cigalia w/Spectratone International - 4:25 from 2007's Share This Place
Sweepstakes Prize - 4:49 from 2000's You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This
Light The Match - 2:59 from 2001's Advisory Committee

Calaveras - A City and a Life and a Girl - 2:55 from 2009's Green Girl
Buddy Guy - Mustang Sally (Sir Mack Rice) - 4:41 from 2006's Can't Quit the Blues
Jackson Browne - Cocaine (Rev. Gary Davis) - 4:55 from 1977's Running on Empty
Paul Westerberg - It's A Wonderful Lie - 2:49 from 1999's Suicaine Gratifaction
Fleet Foxes - Ragged Wood - 5:07 from 2008's Fleet Foxes
Tallest Man On Earth - The Blizzard's Never Seen The Desert Sands - 2:00 from 2008's Shallow Grave
Joe Plug - Hymn #101 - 4:40 from 2009's Nation of Heat

Dream Bitches - Mother's Day - 3:51 from 2008's Coke-and-Spiriters
Doctors & Dealers - My Mother Was A Dancer - 2:30 from 2008's Confessions Of A Drunken Mind
Alela Diane Menig - Can You Blame the Sky? - 2:28 from 2006's The Pirate's Gospel
Headless Heroes - Here Before (Vashti Bunyan) - 2:10 from 2009's The Silence of Love
A Camp - The Crowning - 3:45 from 2009's Colonia
Rasputina - Momma Was an Opium-Smoker - 2:11 from 2005's A Radical Recital
Linda Draper - Mother's Little Helper (Mick Jagger/Keith Richard) - 2:48 from 2009's Bridge And Tunnel

Guy Davis - Shortin' Bread (Traditional) - 2:32 from 2003's Chocolate To The Bone
Loudon Wainwright III - White Winos - 2:59 from 2001's Last Man On Earth