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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for June 9, 2009

THEME: Always Adversity
Steely Dan - Dirty Work - 3:08 from 1972's Can't Buy a Thrill
Big Star - Ballad of El Goodo - 4:19 from 2003's Big Star Story
Steeleye Span - Hard Times of Old England - 5:13 from 1975's All Around My Hat
The Subdudes - Poverty - 4:59 from 1995's What A World It Would Be Without Poverty
Tom Paxton - Times A-Getting Hard, Boys (Pete Seeger) - 2:57 from 2003's Seeds: The Songs Of Pete Seeger, Volume 3
Mavis Staples - Hard Times Come Again No More (Stephen Foster) - 4:13 from 2004's Beautiful Dreamer

Seattle singer/songwriter Damien Jurado plucks his acoustic guitar to tell stories in song about how they relate to his life. He writes these fantastically wandering nuggets of alternate folk pop songs that are scattered with hints of American Roots music. Occasionally band mate, Jenna Conrad, contributes to the mix with soaring vocals and songwriting credits. Since 1997, Damien Jurado has graced the indie folk rock market with eight solo albums. Support the independents!

Go First - 4:27 from 2008's Caught In the Trees
Letters & Drawings - 5:25 from 1999's Rehearsals For Departure
Denton, TX - 3:03 from 2006's And Now That I'm in Your Shadow
Johnny Go Riding - 3:41 from 2000's Ghost Of David
Best Dress - 4:13 2008's Caught In the Trees
Birdcage - 2:13 from 2002's I Break Chairs
The Joke Is Over - 3:19 from 1997's Waters Ave S
Rosewood Casket - 2:57 from 2000's Ghost Of David

Eels - Beginner's Luck - 3:37 from 2009's Hombre Lobo
Beck - Girl - 3:29 from 2005's Guero
Ben Folds Five - Underground - 4:11 from 1995's Ben Folds Five
Hotel Eden - Tell Me Where You've Been - 3:43 from 2009's Hotel Eden
Nina Nastasia - Too Much in Between - 2:32 from 2000's Dogs
Timbuk 3 - Sunshine Is Dangerous - 4:23 from 1995's A Hundred Lovers
Go-Betweens - Too Much of One Thing - 5:54 from 2003's Bright Yellow Bright Orange

Zee Avi - Monte - 3:33 from 2009's Zee Avi
Kristin Allen-Zito - Helium - 3:07 from 2004's Helium
Jaymay - Gray Or Blue - 3:24 from 2008's Autumn Fallin'
Joker's Daughter - Go Walking - 3:44 from 2009's The Last Laugh
Ani DiFranco - What If No One's Watching - 3:26 from 2006's Live at Cedar: Visionaries

Her Space Holiday - Same Song Sing Along - 2:49 from 2008's Sleepy Tigers EP
The Dresden Dolls - Sing - 4:40 from 2006's Yes, Virginia...