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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for July 7, 2009

THEME: Left Coast
Gipsy Kings - Hotel California (D. Felder/G. Frey/D. Henley) - 5.48 from 1999's Volare! The Very Best of the Gipsy Kings
Tom Russell - Gulf Coast Highway w/Nanci Griffth (Danny Flowers/Griffth/James Hooker) - 2:37 from 2003's Modern Art
Spinanes - Kid In Candy - 4:33 from 1998's Arches And Aisles
June Madrona - California Highways - 5:31 from 2009's Battle Ground
The Orange Peels - West Coast Rain - 3:00 from 2006's So Far
David Vandervelde - California Breezes - 2:51 from 2008's Waiting For Sunrise
CCR - Bad Moon Rising - 4:41 from 1976's Chronicle Volume One

Formed in 1994 after the break up of Uncle Tupelo over creative differences, Son Volt is the musical outlet for singer/songwriter Jay Farrar. He and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco fame went to high school together in Belleville, IL and are widely credited with launching the alt country sound with the release of the Uncle Tupelo album No Depression. Son Volt has a more traditional roots rock sound which you can hear by listening to any of their six CDs.

When The Wheels Don't Move - 3:21 from 2009's American Central Dust
Tear-Stained Eye - 4:21 from 1995's Trace
Satellite - 2:16 from 2007's The Search
Medicine Hat - 4:12 from 1998's Wide Swing Tremolo
Jet Pilot - 3:12 from 2005's Okemah and the Melody of Riot
Automatic Society - 2:26 from 2007's The Search
Caryatid Easy - 4:43 from 1997's Straightaways
Jukebox Of Steel - 2:56 from 2009's American Central Dust

Takka Takka - Everybody Say - 4:42 from 2008's Migration
Leslie Feist - My Moon My Man - 3:48 from 2007's The Reminder
Bright Eyes - Take It Easy (Love Nothing) - 3:24 from 2005's Digital Ash in a Digital Urn
The Doors - Take It as It Comes - 2:13 from 19's The Doors
Heather Shayne Blakeslee - Snowing in Stroudsburg Tonight - 2:29 from 2004's Treon's Cut Rate
Josh Ritter - Harrisburg - 3:55 from 2002's Golden Age of Radio
The Felice Brothers - Greatest Show On Earth - 5:30 from 2008's The Felice Brothers

Emiliana Torrini - Easy - 3:22 from 2000's Love In The Time Of Science
Morgan Grace - Her Roses - 2:57 from 2009's Valentine
Corrina Repp - Your Son Now - 2:29 from 2001's I Take On Your Days
Mary Sarah - Red White and Blue - 4:24 from 2003's Sea Fire Burn
Bonnie Raitt - Devil Got My Woman (Skip James) - 4:53 from 2003's Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: The Soul of a Man

Smog - Bathysphere - 4:50 from 1995's Wild Love
Ladybirds - Andy Lex - 3:39 from 2007's Regional Community Threater