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Playlist for August 4, 2009

THEME: Numbers
Elvis Costello - Less Than Zero - 3:15 from 1977's My Aim Is True
David Dondero - One Legged Man And The Three Legged Dog - 3:16 from 2007's Simple Love
Ruben Ramos - Thirteen Years (Alejandro Escovedo) - 4:42 from 2004's Por Vida: A Tribute
The Devil Makes Three - Ten Feet Tall (Cooper McBean) - 2:46 from 2002's The Devil Makes Three
M. Ward - One Hundred Million Years - 2:12 from 2009's Hold Time
Tom Paxton/Anne Hills/Bob Gibson - One Million Lawyers - 3:31 from 2004's Best of Friends
Feist - 1234 - 3:03 from 2007's The Reminder
Okkervil River - Plus Ones - 3:43 from 2007's The Stage Namess

Classically trained pianist Regina Spektor was born in Moscow, Russia in 1980 and spent the better part of her early childhood there. As a pre-teen she moved to New York City becoming part of the anti folk scene in the East village. Her music is highly introspective and imaginative influenced not only by folk but by punk, rock, classical and jazz as well. She has a broad vocal range sprinkling her songs with atypical sounds and quirky lyrics. Regina Spektor has released five albums since 2001.

Fidelity - 3:47 from 2006's Begin to Hope
Eet - 3:53 from 2009's Far
The Flowers - 3:55 from 2004's Soviet Kitsch
Folding Chair - 3:35 from 2009's Far
Us - 4:52 from 2004's Soviet Kitsch
Two Birds - 3:19 from 2009's Far
Summer in the City - 3:50 from 2006's Begin to Hope

The Grizzly Owls - What's A Girl To Do? - 3:38 from 2007's By Night On My Bed
Shawn Mullins - All In My Head - 4:24 from 2008's Honeydew
The Aeronautical Legends - Adventure Game w/Erin Stetz - 2:07 - 4:17 from 2007's A Midwestern Autumn
The Kingsbury Manx - Well, Whatever - 3:12 from 2009's Ascenseur Ouvert!
The Curious Mystery - Black Sand - 4:27 from 2009's Rotting Slowly
Donovan - Museum - 2:52 from 1967's Mellow Yellow
Jacob Augustine - Change - 4:57 from 2009's Harmonia

Headless Heroes - Nobody's Baby Now (Nick Cave) - 3:41 from 2009's The Silence of Love
Danielle Howle - Could Be Here - 3:09 from 2002's Skorborealis
Jana Hunter - Oracle - 2:28 from 2007's There's No Home
Brenda Kahn - Mint Juleps And Needles - 3:36 from 1996's Destination Anywhere
Miranda Lee Richards - Folkin' Hell - 4:42 from 2001's The Herethereafter
Lavender Diamond - You Broke My Heart - 3:34 from 2005's The Cavalry Of Light

Minus The Bear - The Fix - 3:32 from 2005's Menos El Oso
The Handcuffs - God Is Sure One Funny Girl - 3:32 from 2008's Electroluv