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Playlist for September 8, 2009

THEME: On The Phone Songs
Cake - No Phone - 3:52 from 2004's Pressure Chief
Jorma Kaukonen - Operator (Ron "Pigpen" McKernan [Grateful Dead]) - 3:47 from 2009's River Of Time
Police - Mother - 3:05 from 1983's Synchronicity
Mirah - Million Miles - 1:55 from 2000's You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This
Blondie - Call Me - 3:32 from 1981's The Best of Blondie
David Poe - Telephone Song - 4:19 from 1997's David Poe
Boat - A Phone That Rings for Free - 2:11 from 2007's Let's Drag Our Feet
Jim Croce - Operator (That's Not the Way It Feels) - 3:50 from 1972's You Don't Mess Around with Jim
Michelle Shocked - Come a Long Way - 4:43 from 1991's Arkansas Traveler REQUEST

The drummer for The Band, Levon Helm, grow up in Arkansas before joining the group in Canada back in the late 1960's. He developed throat cancer in the 90's, which may have sidelined him for a few years, but he's back and in great form today. He rarely writes original songs but his interpretation of the work of other's is superb. Most of Helm's tunes fall into the roots rock category and on occasion jam out. Levon Helm released nine solo studio albums since 1977.

Tennessee Jed (Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter) - 5:58 from 2009's Electric Dirt
Poor Old Dirt Farmer (Traditional) - 3:52 from 2007's Dirt Farmer
Don't Ya Tell Henry (Bob Dylan) - 4:02 from 2006's The Midnight Ramble Music Sessions, Vol. 2
Growin' Trade - 4:22 from 2009's Electric Dirt
Feelin' Good (J.B. Lenoir) - 3:31 from 2007's Dirt Farmer
The Band - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Robbie Robertson) - 3:33 from 1969's The Band

Venice Maki - Release - 3:59 from 2009's ReVerie
Beth Orton - Stolen Car - 5:27 from 1999's Central Reservation
They Might Be Giants - Cyclops Rock - 2:38 from 2001's Mink Car
Firewater - Bad, Bad World w/Jennifer Charles - 4:05 from 2001's Psychopharmacology
Elliott Brood - Write It All Down For You - 3:58 from 2008's Mountain Meadows
The Gentle Guest - Under The Setting Sun - 2:49 from 2008's We Are Bound To Save Some Souls Tonight
Flaming Lips - What A Wonderful World (Adamson/Savitt/Watson) - 3:41 from 1990's In A Priest Driven Ambulance

Imogen Heap - Bad Body Double - 4:07 from 2009's Ellipse
Emiliana Torrini - Baby Blue - 4:05 from 2000's Love In The Time Of Science
PJ Harvey - Wait - 2:17 from 1988's When Under Ether EPK
Kim Fox - Could Have Been a Saint - 3:15 from 1997's Moon Hut
Suddenly, Tammy! - Hard Lesson - 3:14 from 1995's (We Get There When We Do.)

Harry Chapin - On the Road to Kingdom Come - 5:28 from 19's On the Road to Kingdom Come
Mean Creek - It's Good To Be Back Again - 2:16 from 2009's The Sky (Or The Underground)