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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for November 3, 2009

THEME: Vote For Me
The Replacements - Election Day - 2:55 from 1997's All for Nothing
Ani DiFranco - Hello Birmingham - 5:26 from 1999's To the Teeth
Cass McCombs - Don't Vote - 5:27 from 2009's Catacombs
The Submarines - Vote - 4:38 from 2008's Declare A New State!
The Byrds - I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician - 2:02 from 1971's Byrdmaniax
R.E.M. - World Leader Pretend - 4:15 from 1988's Green
Norah Jones - My Dear Country - 3:25 from 2007's Not Too Late

FEATURED ARTIST: Echo & The Bunnymen
Hailing from the famous English town of Liverpool, Echo & The Bunnymen began their career in 1978 as three musicians and a drum machine. They are a punk rock band with neo-psychedelic influences and pop tendencies. Lyricist Ian McCulloch writes playful and witty line while guitarist Will Sergeant contributes the catchy music. With their latest release, The Fountain, Echo & The Bunnymen have recorded eleven studio albums.

Shroud Of Turin - 4:11 from 2009's The Fountain
The Killing Moon - 5:45 from 1984's Ocean Rain
Get In The Car - 4:22 from 1999's What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?
Back Of Love - 3:16 from 1983's Porcupine
A Promise - 4:06 from 1981's Heaven Up Here
Pride - 2:41 from 1980's Crocodiles
Nothing Lasts Forever - 3:52 from 2002's Live In Liverpool

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Shuffle Your Feet - 2:55 from 2005's Howl
Nico Vega - Wooden Dolls - 4:18 from 2009's Nico Vega
Joe Gideon & The Shark - Harum Scarum - 4:14 from 2009's Harum Scarum
AT - Woke Up Feelin - 2:58 from 2004's AT
David Vandervelde - Nothin' No - 4:19 from 2007's The Moonstation House Band
T. Rex - Main Man - 4:14 from 1972's The Slider

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - Polly Put The Kettle On (Sonny Boy Williamson) - 2:57 from 2009's Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Lucinda Williams - Right In Time - 4:36 from 1998's Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
Strange Jerome - Chicken On A Wire - 2:39 from 2009's Guns Ammo Jewelry Coins
Eliza Gilkyson - Engineer Bill - 3:47 from 2000's Hard Times in Babylon
Kirsten Ireland - Goodbye - 3:59 from 2009's Human Masterpiece

BOAT - Lately (I've Been On My Back) - 3:12 from 2009's Setting The Paces
Jeffrey Lewis - The Adventures Of God As A Young Boy (Daniel Johnston) - 3:20 from 2006's I Killed The Monster