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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for November 24, 2009

THEME: Behind You
Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger - 5:50 from 1979's Breakfast in America
Mary Lou Lord - He'd Be a Diamond (Bevis Frond) - 2:40 from 1995's Mary Lou Lord EP
The Wood Brothers - Don't Look Back - 3:45 from 2008's Loaded
Adam Green - My Shadow Tags On Behind - 2:27 from 2002's Garfield
Cat Stevens - Silent Sunlight - 2:58 from 1972's Catch Bull at Four
The Allman Brothers Band - High Cost of Low Living - 7:52 from 2003's Hittin' the Note

FEATURED ARTIST: Yonder Mountain String Band
In 1998 four Colorado musicians formed a bluegrass jam group called the Yonder Mountain String Band. School chums Dave Johnston (banjo) and Jeff Austin (mandolin) met Ben Kaufmann (bass) and Adam Aijala (guitar) after the break up of their college band and the subsequent move to a Rocky Mountain state. This is not a traditional bluegrass group as they harmonize, stretch songs and cover several rock tunes. Yonder Mountain String Band has released five studio albums and five live recordings to date.

Rain Still Falls - 3:32 from 2009's The Show
Coo Coo's Nest (John Hartford/Traditional) - 3:23 from 2004's Mountain Tracks, Vol. 3
Angel - 4:49 from 2006's Yonder Mountain String Band
Easy As Pie - 3:37 from 2001's Town By Town
Looking Back Over My Shoulder - 8:54 from 2006's Mountain Tracks: Vol 4
Deep Pockets - 3:16 from 2003's Old Hands
Goodbye Blue Sky (Roger Waters) - 3:49 from 2003's Mountain Tracks: Vol 2

Lissy Trullie - Forget About It - 3:13 from 2009's Self-Taught Learner
Valleys - Tan Lines - 3:08 from 2009's Sometimes Water Kills People
Thao & The Get Down, Stay Down - Body - 3:12 from 2009's Know Better Learn Faster
Randy Newman - Naked Man - 3:14 from 1974's Good Old Boys
Dutchess And The Duke - Let It Die - 2:24 from 2009's Sunset/Sunrise
David Gray - Fugitive - 3:44 from 2009's Draw The Line
Neil Young - Dance Dance Dance - 5:51 from 2007's Live at Massey Hall 1971

Regina Spektor - Dance Anthem Of The '80s - 3:43 from 2009's Far
Doctors & Dealers - Brown Horses - 3:37 from 2008's Confessions Of A Drunken Mind
Joni Mitchell - River - 4:00 from 1971's Blue
El Perro Del Mar - Change Of Heart - 5:08 from 2009's Love Is Not Pop
Keren Ann - Road Bin - 3:22 from 2003's Not Going Anywhere

Tall Tall Trees - The Opposite Song - 2:48 from 2009's Tall Tall Trees
The Lemonheads - Ride With Me - 3:54 from 1991's Favorite Spanish Dishes