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Playlist for December 8, 2009

THEME: Any Day Now
The Slackers - I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan) - 4:18 from 2006's Peculiar
Blake Babies - When I See His Face - 4:51 from 2001's God Bless The Blake Babies
Elbow - Any Day Now - 6:18 from 2001's Asleep in the Back
XTC - It's Nearly Africa - 3:55 from 1982's English Settlement
Janis Joplin - Women Is Losers - 2:03 from 2003's The Essential Janis Joplin
Family Of The Year - Treehouse - 3:23 from 2009's Songbook
The Connells - Any Day Now - 2:39 from 1993's Ring

The Delgados are one of those folky pop rock bands that might fall under the difficult listening category. Their songs need repeat listens to fully take in the complex arrangements. The little girl lost vocals of singer/guitarist Emma Pollock solos with occasional singer/guitarist Alun Woodward harmonies and vise visa propel the compelling melodies. Coming out of Glasgow, Scotland in 1994, The Delgados disbanded in 2005 after recording five choice CDs to love and cherish.

Everybody Come Down - 3:15 from 2004's Universal Audio
Accused of Stealing - 5:42 from 2000's The Great Eastern
Under Canvas Under Wraps - 2:40 from 1997's Domestiques
The Drowning Years - 5:12 from 2002's Hate
The Actress - 4:50 from 1999's Peloton
All You Need Is Hate - 2:54 from 2002's Hate
Thirteen Gliding Principles - 3:44 from 2000's The Great Eastern

Wilco - Casino Queen - 2:45 from 1995's A.M.
The Pogues - Bottle of Smoke - 2:47 from 1988's If I Should Fall From Grace With God
Townes Van Zandt - Dollar Bill Blues - 3:01 from 1999's A Far Cry From Dead
Mary McCaslin - Young Westley - 5:04 from 1974's Way Out West
Leonard Cohen - The Stranger Song - 5:08 from 1968's Songs Ff Leonard Cohen
Suzanne Vega - No Cheap Thrill - 3:09 from 1996's Nine Objects Of Desire
Robert Johnson - Little Queen of Spades - 2:11 from 1990's Complete Recordings
Jerry Garcia - Deal - 3:11 from 1972's Garcia

Norah Jones - You've Ruined Me - 2:45 from 2009's The Fall
Billie Holiday - You Let Me Down - 2:55 from 2007's Lady Day: The Master Takes And Singles
Via Tania - Our Wild Flight - 3:55 from 2009's Moon Sweet Moon
Nadine Goellner - It Must Be Christmas Time - 3:43 from 2002's It Must Be Christmas Time EP
Les Sampou - Home Again - 4:12 from 1996's Fall From Grace

Gordon Gano - Don't Pretend w/John Cale - 2:36 from 2002's Hitting The Ground
Dawes - God Rest My Soul - 4:58 from 2009's Porcupine