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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for January 19, 2010

THEME: Old & In The Way
Robert Bobby - Older Than Old & In The Way - 2:31 from 2007's Today
The New Riders of the Purple Sage - Panama Red (Peter Rowan) - 3:06 from 1995's Live
Levon Helm - White Dove (Carter Stanley) - 3:29 from 2009's Electric Dirt
Tara Nevins - Pig In A Pen w/Jim Miller & Ralph Stanley (Traditional) - 2:16 from 1999's Mule To Ride
Hot Day At The Zoo - Midnight Moonlight (Peter Rowan) - 6:16 from 2009's Zoograss
Peter Rowan - Hobo Song (Jack Bonus) - 4:37 from 1995's Red Hot Pickers
Old & In The Way - Wild Horses (Jagger/Richards) - 4:19 from 1973's Old & In The Way

FEATURED ARTIST: My Morning Jacket
Emerging out of Louisville, KY in 1998, My Morning Jacket attracted a cult following with their first few releases. Mislabeled as an alt-country band, My Morning Jacket is really a rock group combining elements of the blues and country along with arresting vocals. Jim James aka Yim Yames writes and sings most of the music while backed by a full band. To date, they have released five full length CDs and several EPs.

What A Wonderful Man - 2:26 from 2005's Z
Just Because I Do - 2:55 from 2001's At Dawn
Easy Morning Rebel - 5:10 from 2003's It Still Moves
O Is The One That Is Real - 3:38 from 2002's Sweatbees EP
Two Halves - 2:36 from 2008's Evil Urges
Knot Comes Loose - 4:03 from 2005's Z
Just One Thing - 3:14 from 2003's It Still Moves
Yim Yames - Love You To (George Harrison) - 4:22 from 2009's Tribute To

Hey Negrita - Burn The Whole Place Down - 3:43 from 2009's Burn The Whole Place Down
Steve Earl - The Galway Girl - 3:05 from 2000's Transcendental Blues
Brigitte DeMeyer - Sweet Lady Rosa - 3:28 from 2009's Red River Flower
Frank Carillo & The Bandoleros - Wrong # - 4:02 from 2004's Bad Out There
McCarthy Trenching - Mormon Girl Blues - 3:06 from 2008's Calamity Drenching
Throw Me the Statue - Lolita - 3:38 from 2008's Moonbeams
Guy Davis - Sugarbelle Blue - 4:11 from 2000's Butt Naked Free

Opal - Empty Box Blues - 4:19 from 1989's Early Recordings
Lhasa - Love Came Here - 3:51 from 2009's Lhasa
Solex - Comely Row - 3:23 from 2001's Calamity Drenching
Jane Siberry - Marco Polo - 3:07 from 1981's Jane Siberry

Bill Morrissey - Winter Song - 3:49 from 2001's Something I Saw or Thought I Saw
Alec Ounsworth - Holy, Holy, Holy Moses (Song For New Orleans) - 3:36 from 2009's Mo Beaty