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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for March 16, 2010

THEME: Goodbye Winter
Nick Drake - Winter Is Gone (Traditional) - 2:42 from 2007's Family Tree
Susan McKeown - The Winter It Is Past - 6:20 from 2004's Sweet Liberty
Gillian Welch - Winter's Come and Gone - 2:14 from 1998's Hell Among the Yearlings
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Loom of the Land - 5:07 from 1992's Henry's Dream
Mia Doi Todd - The Last Night of Winter - 6:41 from 2005's Manzanita
The Moody Blues - Minstrel's Song - 4:27 from 1970's Question of Balance

Choosing their name from the title of a book by an Irish author, The Chieftains are best known for playing traditional Irish folk music. Formed in Dublin, Ireland in 1963, each group member possesses outstanding dexterity on their instrument with Paddy Moloney's pipes leading the way. They feature plenty of instrumental music and have collaborated with many popular musicians over the years. The Chieftains released over two dozen albums in their long, illustrious career.

Jack Of All Trades - 2:25 from 2000's Water From The Well
I Know My Love w/The Corrs - 3:53 from 1999's Tears Of Stone
Dueling Chanters - 2:54 from 1996's Santiago
Ellen Browne w/Kevin Conneff - 3:02 from 2005's Live From Dublin: A Tribute to Derek Bell
Medley: Banish Misfortune/Morning Dew/Arkansas Traveller/Wild Irishman - 6:03 from 2005's Live From Dublin
Jimmy Mo Mhíle Stór w/The Rankins - 4:39 from 2001's 1999's Tears Of Stone
I'll Tell Me Ma w/Ronnie Drew - 2:50 from 2005's Live From Dublin: A Tribute to Derek Bell

David Baerwald - Nothing's Gonna Bring Me Down - 4:00 from 2002's Here Comes The New Folk Underground
David Byrne - Tic Toc 2 (In The Future) - 5:36 from 1985's The Knee Plays
Barleyjuice - Drunkard's Ambassadors - 1:54 from 2008's Bonny Prince Barley
Wake The Dead - Liberty (Garcia/Hunter)/Humours of Turlough/Hand Me Down - 5:54 from 2004's Buckdancer's Choice
Brother - Paddy's Leather Breeches (Tradition) - 2:20 from 1996's Black Stone Tramp
Damien Dempsey - Colony - 7:10 from 2006's Shots

Gillie Mc Pherson - The Carpenter From Donegal - 4:13 from 2006's Our Street
Sharon Shannon - An Phailistín w/Róisín Elsafty - 4:07 from 2004's Libertango
Elizabeth Nicholson - House Carpenter/The Broken Pledge - 5:39 from 2006's Sink or Swim
Dolores Keane - Seven Yellow Gypsies - 2:56 from 1978's There Was A Maid
Connie Dover - Winter's Night - 3:40 from 2000's The Border of Heaven

Dan Milner - Get Up Jack, John, Sit Down/Miss Thornton's - 4:33 from 2009's Irish Pirate Ballads and Other Songs of the Sea
Langhorne Slim - Rebel Side Of Heaven - 2:33 from 2008's Langhorne Slim