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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for April 13, 2010

THEME:Five Years Old
The Velvet Underground - Rock & Roll - 4:47 from 1970's Loaded
The Mountain Goats - Dance Music - 1:57 from 2005's The Sunset Tree
Laura Marling - Darkness Descends - 3:40 from 2010's I Speak Because I Can
Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy - 5:23 from 1977's Hard Again
Sugarcubes - Birthday - 3:57 from 1988's Life's Too Good
Sia - The Church Of What's Happening Now - 4:27 from 2004's Colour The Small One
The Postmarks - Five Years (David Bowie) - 4:19 from 2008's By The Numbers

Singer/Songwriters Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory formed the synthesizer heavy band over a decade ago in London, England. Goldfrapp's central sound is electronic dance music however, they tinker with many genres giving the band an experimental pop rock quality. Another main attraction is Alison Goldfrapp distinct, breathy, seductive vocals rendering many tunes enjoyably listenable. Goldfrapp has released five albums in the past ten years.

Alive - 3:28 from 2010's Head First
Ooh La La - 3:24 from 2006's Supernature
Human - 4:36 from 2000's Felt Mountain
Train - 4:11 from 2003's Black Cherry
Caravan Girl - 4:05 from 2008's Seventh Tree
Rocket - 3:51 from 2010's Head First
Satin Chic - 3:28 from 2006's Supernature

The Secret History - Sister Rose - 4:32 from 2010's The World That Never Was
New Pornographers - Use It - 3:26 from 2005's Twin Cinema
The Cars - Dangerous Type - 4:28 from 1979's Candy-O
Carolina Chocolate Drops - Cornbread And Butterbeans - 3:11 from 2010's Genuine Negro Jig
Guy Davis - Shortin' Bread (Traditional) - 2:32 from 2003's Chocolate to the Bone
Black Prairie - Annie McGuire - 3:21 from 2010's Feast Of The Hunters' Moon
T-Bone Burnett - Baby Don't You Say You Love Me - 4:08 from 2006's The True False Identity

SONiA & Disappear Fear - Pack Of Newport - 3:12 from 2010's Blood, Bones & Baltimore
Maria Muldaur - Lookin' the World Over (Memphis Minnie) - 2:49 from 2005's Sweet Lovin' Ol' Soul
Kelli Rae Powell - Don't Slow Down, Zachary - 5:07 from 2009's New Words For Old Lullabies
Kathy Fleischmann - Chemicals - 3:14 from 1996's Sympathetic Coffee
Les Sampou - The Things I Should've Said - 3:24 from 1996's Fall From Grace

The Kinks - In a Foreign Land - 3:04 from 1978's Misfits
Boat - God Save the Man, Who Isn't All That Super - 3:04 from 2009's Setting The Paces