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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for April 27, 2010

THEME: Blues Rockers or Punkers
Band Of Skulls - Light Of The Morning - 2:44 from 2009's Baby Darling Doll Face Honey
Swamp Cabbage - Jesus Tone - 4:57 from 2010's Squeal
The White Stripes - Catch Hell Blues - 4:18 from 2007's Icky Thump
The Fumes - Cuddle Up The Devil - 3:58 from 2009's Sundancer
Jared Grabb - Devil Between - 4:18 from 2010's Where Do You Hide Your Love Songs?
Dan Auerbach - The Prowl - 3:18 from 2009's Keep It Hid
Eric Clapton - I'm Tore Down (Sonny Thompson) - 3:02 from 1994's From the Cradle
Cream - Outside Woman Blues (Blind Joe Reynolds/Arthur Reynolds) - 2:27 from 1967's Disraeli Gears

A founding member of the Moldy Peaches, Adam Green's solo career is a continuation of that weird, slightly silly, alluring style. It's an acoustic folk pop sound with talk vocals similar to Lee Hazlewood or Lou Reed. Most of his tunes are concise, to the point observations or ballads clocking in at around the two minute mark. Adam Green has released six studio CDs since 2002.

What Makes Him Act So Bad - 2:18 from 2010's Minor Love
Dance With Me - 3:48 from 2002's Garfield
Boss Inside - 2:07 from 2010's Minor Love
Vultures - 2:02 from 2006's Jacket Full Of Danger
Jessica - 2:37 from 2003's Friends of Mine
Nat King Cole - 2:33 from 2006's Jacket Full Of Danger
Buddy Bradley - 2:00 from 2010's Minor Love
Bleeding Heart - 2:01 from 2002's Garfield
Salty Candy - 1:39 from 2003's Friends of Mine
Party Line - 2:19 from 2006's Jacket Full Of Danger
Don't Call Me Uncle - 3:00 from 2010's Minor Love

Jónsi - Boy Lilikoi - 4:30 from 2010's Go
matt pond PA - Sparrows - 2:50 from 2010's The Dark Leaves
The Royal We - All The Rage - 3:00 from 2007's The Royal We
Modest Mouse - Float On - 3:29 from 2004's Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Lou Reed - What's Good - 3:22 from 1992's Magic and Loss
Camper Van Beethoven - Flowers - 3:05 from 1989's Key Lime Pie
Ron Short & Roadside Theater - The Garden Is Growing - 1:59 from 2002's Wings To Fly
Ron Sexsmith - April After All - 2:41 from 1997's Other Songs

The Living Sisters - Double Knots - 2:51 from 2010's Love To Live
The Story - So Much Mine - 4:18 from 1993's The Angel In The House
Sarah Jaffe - Clementine - 4:49 from 2010's Suburban Nature
Kate Rusby - A Rose In April - 5:45 from 1998's Hourglass
Mirah And Tara Jane O'Neill - Green Up Time (Kurt Weill) - 2:42 from 2007's Play

Magnetic Fields - Better Things - 2:33 from 2010's Realism
Brother Lou - Nothing In The Sky - 4:10 from 2008's As Good As You Want