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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for June 8, 2010

THEME: A Crack
The Smiths - Handsome Devil - 2:47 from 1984's Hatful of Hollow
Ani DiFranco - Shy - 4:46 from 1995's Not a Pretty Girl
Allison Moorer - The Broken Girl (acoustic version) - 3:19 from 2010's The Broken Girl EP
Leonard Cohen - Anthem - 6:00 from 1992's The Future
Richard Thompson - Mystery Wind - 4:35 from 1991's Rumor and Sigh
Rachael Sage - Crack of Dawn - 3:52 from 1998's Smashing the Serene

Born in Syracuse, New York just over 44 years ago, Martin Sexton is blessed with an expansive vocal range which he uses to captivating effect on many of his original songs. His music blends a soulful modern folk with a bluesy alternative country to produce his own unique and highly listenable style. Regularly finger-picking in concerts, he earned his guitar chops by busking in the streets of Boston in the late 80's. Martin Sexton has released nine albums since 1992.

I'm Here - 3:33 from 2007's Seeds
Station Man - 4:04 from 1998's The American
Angeline - 4:05 from 2000's Live Wide Open
Gypsy Woman - 4:44 from 1996's Black Sheep
Marry Me - 4:35 from 2007's Seeds
Way I Am - 5:11 from 1998's The American

Katzenjammer - Tea With Cinnamon - 4:22 from 2010's Le Pop
Gogol Bordello - Wonderlust King - 3:58 from 2007's Super Taranta!
Rupa And The April Fishes - Por La Frontera - 2:44 from 2009's Este Mundo
Belleville Outfit - Don't Take It For Granted - 3:24 from 2008's Wanderin'
Fun. - At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used To Be) - 4:07 from 2009's Aim And Ignite
La Strada - Mean That Much - 4:04 from 2010's New Home
Of Montreal - The Problem With April - 2:20 from 2000's Horse & Elephant Eatery (no Elephants Allowed)

Gemma Ray - I'd Rather Be Your Enemy (Lee Hazlewood) - 2:14 from 2010's It's A Shame About Gemma Ray
Suzanne Vega - Thin Man - 3:38 from 1996's Nine Objects of Desire
Suzi Ragsdale - Wishbone - 3:55 from 2010's Best Regards & Less Of The Same
Patty Griffin - You Never Get What You Want - 3:42 from 1996's Living With Ghosts
Sarah Jaffe - Summer Begs - 4:53 from 2010's Suburban Nature

Rick McAlister - It's My World - 2:49 from 2009's My Own Little World
Deer Tick w/Elizabeth Rodgers Isenberg - The Sad Sun - 4:34 from 2010's The Black Dirt Sessions