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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for June 15, 2010

THEME: Sell Day
Greg Brown - InaBell Sale - 4:46 from 2004's In the Hills of Calif
The Weakerthans - Everything Must Go - 4:02 from 2010's Live At The Burton Cummings Theater
The Avett Brothers - Yardsale - 3:42 from 2006's The Gleam
Grandaddy - Where I'm Anymore - 6:07 from 2006's Just Like the Family Cat
Nicole McKenna - Junk (Paul McCartney) - 3:15 from 2003's Stay Awhile
Quakers On Probation - Yard Sale - 3:21 from 2010's Every Living Thing
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son - 2:18 from 1969's Willy and the Poor Boys

New York City attracts adventurers from around the world many being talented musicians. In 1993 Eugene Hutz of the Ukraine was drawn to its borders. He is the organizing member of Gogol Bordello, a collective of outcast artists that combine gypsy music with elements of punk rock. It makes for quite entertaining and theatrical concert performances. Gogol Bordello has released five lively studio albums since 1999.

My Companjera - 3:22 from 2010's Trans-Continental Hustle
American Wedding - 3:38 from 2007's Super Taranta
Through The Roof 'N' Underground - 5:29 from 2002's Multi Kontra Culti Vs. Irony
Start Wearing Purple - 3:26 from 1999's Vio-la Intruder
Alcohol (BBC Sessions) - 5:46 from 2009's Live From Axis Mundi
Immigrant Punk - 3:58 from 2005's Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike

Katzenjammer - Play My Darling Play - 3:47 from 2010's Le Pop
Fellswoop - Promenade - 2:53 from 2009's Against The Odds
Cadillac Sky - 3rd Degree - 3:46 from 2010's Letters In The Deep
16 Horsepower - Brimstone Rock - 4:29 from 1998's Low Estate
Gordon Gano w/PJ Harvey - Hitting The Ground - 3:00 from 2002's Hitting The Ground
Sparklehorse w/PJ Harvey - Piano Fire - 2:43 from 2001's It's a Wonderful Life
Mark Lanegan w/P.J. Harvey - Hit The City - 2:49 from 2004's Bubblegum
P.J. Harvey - Wait - 2:16 from 2007's When Under Ether EP

Chapin Sisters - Digging A Hole - 3:55 from 2010's Oh, Hear The Wind Blow
Bat For Lashes - Moon And Moon - 3:08 from 2009's Two Suns
Eisley - Memories - 3:28 from 2005's Room Noises
Fiona Apple - Better Version Of Me - 3:02 from 2005's Extraordinary Machine
Adele - Daydreamer - 3:41 from 2008's 19

Josh Rouse & Kurt Wagner - Somehow You Could Always Tell - 2:57 from 1999's Chester
Sam Bush - Spirit Is The Journey - 5:06 from 2004's King Of My World