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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for July 6, 2010

THEME: Cruisin' The Interstate
Jim Croce - Speedball Tucker - 2:25 from 1973's Life & Times
Little Feat - Let It Roll - 4:30 from 2003's Let It Roll
Fountains Of Wayne - I-95 - 3:08 from 2007's Traffic and Weather
Shawn Mullins - North on 95 - 4:02 from 2000's Beneath the Velvet Sun
Francis Dunnery - I'95 - 5:50 from 1998's Let's Go Do What Happens
The Mountain Goats - First Few Desperate Hours - 3:03 from 2002's Tallahassee
Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash - Interstate Cannonball - 2:48 from 2001's Walk Alone

England's Ed Harcourt started out playing bass guitar in a band formed with school chums. After going solo the wry singer/songwriter with the hooky pop song's career flourished in his native land gradually gaining fans in other countries. In recent years, he married one of the Langley sisters having a daughter with an image of the family appearing as album art on his most recent recording. Ed Harcourt has released five studio albums and several EPs since 2000.

Haywired - 4:18 from 2010's Lustre
Shadowboxing - 3:23 from 2006's The Beautiful Lie
Shanghai - 3:49 from 2001's Here Be Monsters
He's Building a Swamp - 3:17 from 2000's Maplewood
Do As I Say Not As I Do - 4:12 from 2010's Lustre
The Pristine Claw - 3:19 from 2006's The Beautiful Lie
A Secret Society - 4:35 from 2010's Lustre

The Kennedys - The Coo Coo [The Cuckoo] (Traditional) - 3:30 from 1998's Angel Fire
The Sundays - Monochrome - 4:14 from 1997's Static & Silence
Cuff The Duke - Follow Me - 3:40 from 2010's Way Down Here
Tin Bird Choir - (I Want My) Truck Back - 4:36 from 2009's Barn Rock
Townes Van Zandt - Marie - 4:45 from 1995's No Deeper Blue
Harry Chapin - Country Dreams - 4:44 from 1977's Dance Band on the Titanic

Regina Spektor - Dance Anthem Of The '80s - 3:43 from 2009's Far
Sissy Wish - Book - 3:35 from 2010's Beauties Never Die
The Dresden Dolls - Sing - 4:40 from 2006's Yes, Virginia..
Marina & The Diamonds - Numb - 4:14 from 2010's The Family Jewels
Tori Amos - Silent All These Years - 4:10 from 1992's Little Earthquakes

Maps & Atlases - The Charm - 3:13 from 2010's Perch Patchwork
The Duhks - True Religion (Traditional) - 4:16 from 2005's The Duhks