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Playlist for August 10, 2010

THEME: Great Songs about Love according to Mike
Postal Service - Such Great Heights - 4:26 from 2003's Give Up
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - 3:22 from 1998's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Dandy Warhols - The Last High - 4:47 from 2003's Welcome To The Monkey House
Ryan Adams - Two - 2:39 from 2007's Easy Tiger
Mazzy Star - Fade Into You - 4:55 from 1993's So Tonight That I Might See
Eels - My Beloved Monster - 2:13 from 1996's Beautiful Freak
Daniel Johnston - True Love Will Find You In The End - 1:45 from 1990's 1990

Kurt Wagner of Lambchop surrounds himself with a variety of very talented musicians for each album or as tour mates. The Nashville native writes alternative country music with R&B influences and cutting edge art rock tendencies even penning, on occasion, an orchestrated melody or two. His minimalist approach to song construction integrates vague lyrics with pleasing vocals. Lambchop has released ten studio albums since 1994.

A Day Without Glasses - 4:11 from 2006's Damaged
Hellmouth - 2:53 from 1994s I Hope You Are Sitting Down (aka Jack's Tulips)
D. Scott Parsley - 5:58 from 2002's Is A Woman
Timothy B. Schmidt - 3:05 from 2004's Aw C'mon
The Tin Chime - 4:21 from 1996's Hank
Nothing Adventurous Please - 3:53 from 2004's No You C'mon
The Butcher Boy 2:54 from 2000's Nixon

Shapes And Sizes - Tell Your Mum - 4:21 from 2010's Candles To Your Eyes
Katzenjammer - Hey Ho On The Devil's Back - 3:50 from 2010's Le Pop
Cake - Satan Is My Motor - 3:12 from 1998's Prolonging the Magic
Martin Sexton - Hallelujah - 4:02 from 2000's Live Wide Open
Amy Millan - Skinny Boy - 3:29 from 2006's Honey From The Tombs
Jethro Tull - Wind Up - 6:01 from 1971's Aqualung
The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning - 2:58 from 1967's The Velvet Underground & Nico

Lou Rhodes - 3:28 from 2010's One Good Thing
Jolie Holland - Poor Girl's Blues - 5:26 from 2003's Escondida
Alexa Woodward - Hours - 3:39 from 2009's Speck
Neko Case - Deep Red Bells - 4:04 from 2002's Blacklisted
Courtney Marie Andrews - It's Okay, I Understand - 3:54 from 2008's Urban Myths

Alexander Webb - Prove Me Wrong - 3:02 from 2010's Hiding Face To Face
Port O'Brien - Leap Year - 2:43 from 2009's Threadbare