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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for September 14, 2010

THEME: Mostly Aughty Mixed Duets
Hello, Blue Roses - Shadow Falls - 3:10 from 2008's The Portrait Is Finished And I Have Failed To Capture Your Beauty...
Cinerama - Ears w/Emma Pollock 3:46 from 1998's Va Va Voom
John Doe - The Golden State w/Kathleen Edwards - 3:01 from 2007's A Year In The Wilderness
Jeff Talmadge - Inside The Brackets w/Karen Mal - 3:49 from 2003's Gravity, Grace and the Moon
PJ Harvey - This Mess We're In w/Thom Yorke- 3:57 from 2000's Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea
Tom Russell - Touch of Evil w/Eliza Gilkyson - 5:42 from 2001's Borderland
Firewater - Some Velvet Morning (Lee Hazlewood) w/Britta Phillips - 4:22 from 2004's Songs We Should Have Written

If you mix traditional country music with rockabilly the resulting group would be BR5-49. They emerged from Nashville in 1993 looking and sounding like the twangy honky tonk bands of the 50's touched by rock n' roll. Founder and guitarist Chuck Mead derived the name from an old comedy sketch on the television show Hee Haw. BR5-49 has released six albums and two EPs.

Cherokee Boogie - 2:32 from 1996's BR5-49
Storybook Endings (If You Stop Believin') - 3:18 from 1998's Big Backyard Beat Show
18 Wheels and a Crowbar - 4:57 from 1998's Big Backyard Beat Show
Little Ramona (Gone Hillbilly Nuts) - 3:25 from 1996's BR5-49
Look Me Up - 2:56 from 2001's This Is BR549
That's What I Get - 3:24 from 2004's Tangled In The Pines
Fool Of The Century - 2:53 from 2001's This Is BR549
Pain, Pain Go Away - 2:24 from 1998's Big Backyard Beat Show

Gold Motel - Make Me Stay - 3:17 from 2010's Summer House
Camper Van Beethoven - Sweethearts - 4:46 from 1989's Key Lime Pie
Dressy Bessy - Girl, You Shout! - 3:07 from 2003's Dressy Bessy3
The Len Price 3 - If I Ain't Got You - 2:22 from 2007's Rentacrowd
Maps & Atlases - Solid Ground - 2:48 from 2010's Perch Patchwork
Capybara - Magpies - 3:23 from 2009's Try Brother
Talking Heads - Thank You For Sending Me An Angel - 2:12 from 1978's More Songs About Buildings And Food
Dinosaur Feathers - Family Waves - 4:14 from 2010's Fantasy Memorial

Azure Ray - Silver Sorrow - 4:16 from 2010's Drawing Down The Moon
Orenda Fink - Sister - 2:32 from 2009's Ask The Night
Maria Taylor - Cartoons and Forever Plans w/Michael Stipe - 2:54 from 2009's LadyLuck
Margo Guryan - Sunday Morning - 2:20 from 1968's Take A Picture
Abbie Barrett - Bang - 3:42 from 2009's Dying Day
Gillian Visco - I'm Sorry I Ignited You - 4:03 from 2009's Flotation Device

Magic Kids - Candy - 2:53 from 2006's The Evening Call
Bruce Cockburn - Wait No More - 4:09 from 2003's You've Never Seen Everything