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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for November 2, 2010

THEME: Vote Or Not
They Might Be Giants - My Evil Twin - 2:38 from 1992's Apollo 18
Super Furry Animals - The Horn - 3:01 from 2005's Love Kraft
Susan Tedeschi - People - 3:26 from 2008's Back To The River
Jill Sobule - Soldiers of Christ - 3:20 from 1997's Happy Town
David Byrne - Empire - 4:13 from 2004's Grown Backwards
Bruce Cockburn - Call It Democracy - 3:36 from 1990's Live
XTC - The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul - 3:25 from 1979's Drums and Wires
XTC - Dear God - 3:36 from 1979's Drums and Wires

Emerging out of Brooklyn, NY in the early part of this decade, Wooden Wand aka James Jackson Toth plays with various backing bands and on occasion goes solo. He developed a free-form style of psychedelic folk with meandering, confessional lyrics. He seems to have a fixation with religious matters, too. On several songs Toth harmonizes with band members including his now ex-wife. Wooden Wand has released ten albums in six years, a startlingly prolific pace.

Until Wrong Looks Right - 3:22 from 2010's Death Seat
Hot Death - 2:48 from 2006's Second Attention
The Invisible Children - 3:29 from 2007's James & The Quiet
Dread Effigy - 6:18 from 2006's Gipsy Freedom
Dark Is Bending - 3:05 from 2009's Hard Knox
Bobby - 3:49 from 2010's Death Seat
Dogpaddlin' Home To Live With My Lord - 2:23 from 2005's The Flood
Portrait In The Clouds - 3:37 from 2006's Second Attention

Pokey LaFarge And The South City Three - In The Graveyard Now - 3:35 from 2010's Riverboat Soul
Bronze Radio Return - It's OK Now - 3:51 from 2009's Old Time Speakers
Frank Carillo & The Bandoleros - Watcha Gonna Do (When The Levee Breaks) - 3:23 from 2004's Bad Out There
Brigitte DeMeyer - Looking for Moses - 2:23 from 2009's Red River Flower
Cream - Sweet Wine - 3:21 from 1967's Fresh Cream
Arcade Fire - Wake Up - 5:37 from 2004's Funeral
Clinic - Lion Tamer - 3:00 from 2010's Bubblegum

Kendl Winter - To Much Sugar In My Bellyache - 2:46 from 2010's Apple Core
Les Sampou - My My My - 3:22 from 2010's Lonesomeville
Stephanie Bettman - Stiff Upper Lip - 3:02 from 2010's It All Comes Back To Love
Good Ol' Persons - Settin' The Woods On Fire (Edward Nelson/Fred Rose) - 2:59 from 1995's Good 'N' Live
Crooked Still - Did You Sleep Well? - 4:08 from 2008's Still Crooked

Paleo - Hello And Behold - 5:21 from 2010's A View Of The Sky
Chenille Sisters - Pizza Deliverance - 3:04 from 1994's True To Life