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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for November 16, 2010

THEME: Am I dead?
Kinks - Dead End Street - 2:30 from 1996's To the Bone
Good Charlotte - The Day That I Die - 3:00 from 2002's The Young and the Hopeless
Lambchop - The Butcher Boy - 2:54 from 2000's Nixon
Daniel Johnston - Funeral Girl - 4:37 from 2001's Rejected Unknown
Mother Mother - Arms Tonite - 3:37 from 2008's O My Heart
Felice Brothers - Penn Station - 3:58 from 2009's Yonder Is The Clock
Zoe Boekbinder - Funeral - 3:01 from 2010's Artichoke Perfume
Frames - Bad Bone - 4:42 from 2007's The Cost

Arising out of the fertile musical milieu of Portland, Oregon, Quasi was formed in 1993 by the once married couple of Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss. In his earlier career the multi-instrumentalist Coomes played bass for Heatmister while Weiss simultaneously drummed for Quasi and Sleater-Kinney. The group leans heavily toward a punk rock sound without sounding too noisy; at times, floating into an acoustic swoon. Quasi released eight CDs since 1997.

Bye Bye Blackbird - 6:36 from 2010's American Gong
Under A Cloud - 2:32 from 1999's Field Studies
The Rhino - 2:35 from 2006's When The Going Gets Dark
Good Time Rock N Roll - 2:34 from 2003's Hot Shit
Better Luck Next Time - 3:59 from 2001's The Sword Of God
Me & My Head - 3:30 from 1999's Field Studies
The Jig Is Up - 2:31 from 2010's American Gong
California - 2:04 from 1998's Featuring "Birds"

Elliott Smith - The Biggest Lie - 2:41 from 1995's Elliot Smith
Lewis & Clarke - Comfort Inn - 7:37 from 2007's Blasts Of Holy Birth
Decemberists - Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then) w/Laura Veirs - 4:18 from 2006's The Crane Wife
Paleo - From The Sky Down - 3:02 from 2010's A View Of The Sky
Robyn Hitchcock - You and Oblivion - 4:44 from 1996's Moss Elixir
Andrew Bird - Lull - 5:10 from 2003's Weather Systems

Chapin Sisters - Palm Tree - 4:18 from 2010's Two
Olof Arnalds - Klara - 2:29 from 2007's Vid Og Vid
Joanna Newsom - '81 - 3:52 from 2010's Have One On Me
Ah Holly Fam'ly - Loneliest City - 4:20 from 2009's Reservoir
Dutch - California Cloaked In Wool - 4:03 from 2010's A Bright Cold Day

I'm From Barcelona - Oversleeping - 2:20 from 2007's Let Me Introduce My Friends
Coastwest Unrest - The Lonesome Tale Of Bacchus Lee (My Friend) - 4:45 from 2010's Old Weird America